Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I owe you all a lot of pictures and a nice long update...but for tonight I will provide you with the look of absolute joy on Norrin's face. This boy loved his Wubbzy costume and he loved the candy even more :). Hope your evening was as great as ours.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shadybrook Farms

This past Thursday, we took Norrin to Shadybrook Farms. He loved it. The pumpkins, the farm animals, the swingsets, the little water fountain, the tractor was all good and made him just so very happy. Norrin fed the goats, was a little too scared of a very furry cow, wanted to pet the chickens (hmmm...I don't think so, bud), pointed out all the body parts on a sheep ("eyes, ears, nose!). He took the lead and made us all get on the tractor ride. When we got to the pumpkin patch, he picked out pumpkins for me, Da and Uncle. Uncle turned down a few because they were dirty on the side (what?). We took turns hiding in a corn maze and jumping out to scare each other...Norrin was the best little hider and he certainly had the loudest scary roar. We had a wonderful lunch at the farmers market and then Norrin threw a few rocks in the fountain and took a few more turns on the swings. It was a great day and I love watching Norrin explore his world. He's such a joyful little man.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

For The Grandmoms

So, I intended to put a whole bunch of pictures from our day at Shadybrook Farms. However, our computer is slowing down to the speed of a snail (might be time for an upgrade) and Norrin was having one of those nights. Since the Grandmoms have been a little irrate with the lack of posts, I had to get at least one photo up before heading off to work. Maybe my son will be a bit more agreeable tonight about Ma neglecting him for some computer time :)