Tuesday, May 27, 2014

tmm's Birthday Weekend Extravaganza

For Todd's 42nd birthday, I found a great deal on a one bedroom condo in the Sea Colony Resort at Bethany Beach. So, we decided to run away from home for the weekend and we really couldn't have asked for better weather or a nicer place to stay. We left Philly around 10:30 and got there around 1. Check in wasn't until 3, so we went straight to the beach. The water was really cold, but the sun was hot and once we got over the initial shock, it was wonderful. We spent the whole weekend at the beach or at the pool. We were all exhausted, but happy. When we got back to Philly at 4:30pm, Ani Rose refused to get out of the car. She had no interest in being home after such a fabulous weekend.
We had cake and sang "Happy Birthday" on Friday night.

On the beach by 1:30 on Saturday.

Ani Rose modeling her new Hello Kitty swimsuit.

And then, modeling her other swimsuit before we went to the pool.

She liked being dipped in the ocean.

Norrin liked jumping over the waves.

Ani has the strongest grip ever. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Still Here

So, we've just been easing our way through the weeks to the best of our abilities. Things feel like they're moving so fast and our days are so full, I've been feeling a little shellshocked. I can't get over how big my babies are getting. Norrin has one month of kindergarten left and Ani Rose has decided she wants to wear big girl underpants and I really feel like I blinked and this all happened. We'll be escaping this weekend for a much needed break. Its Todd's birthday and its Memorial Day weekend and we will be taking at least 1000 pictures of our babies by the sea. Until then, here's just a few pictures of these beautiful children.