Thursday, June 28, 2012

Random Pictures

Summer Sweater Knit Along


Yes, I just can't resist all the KAL's that the lovely Shannon from luvinthemommyhood puts together.  I made a sweater last year during her KAL...

This year I'm knitting a pullover and this is the first time I knit a gauge swatch to make sure that the measurements of the pattern will match with what I'm knitting.  I hate knitting gauge swatches.  They're boring little squares that seem to take far longer than they should.  But they are important boring little squares.  I have high hopes that this pullover will fit me better than any of the projects where I just kind of winged it. I picked a gorgeous rust colored yarn that will be perfect for the fall.  And maybe I'll pose with Ani Rose again.  She's not quite as small any more, but she gets cuter every day :).

Happy Baby

Ani Rose loves a good game of peek-a-boo.  Whenever she sees my phone in my hand, she comes over to sit on my lap because she expects to see either pictures of herself or a video. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yardley Canal Festival

Saturday was the Yardley Canal Festival.  We went last year when Ani Rose was just 2 months old.  Its a small festival with music and just enough vendors to keep the kidlets entertained for a couple hours.  Last year, Ani Rose slept through most of it while Norrin threw about a million rocks in the water.  This year, Ani Rose dragged me up and down the path, screaming and pointing at every dog, dancing to the music that was played and being the main source of entertainment for the vendors sitting at the table.  She stole the show.  Everyone was impressed with how well she held up.  So much walking on a hot day, but she was pleasant with smiles for everyone.  Norrin just wanted to collect as much as he could.  Catch bugs, get a balloon, get some bubbles, make some crafts.  Todd's bank had a table where they decorated visors.  Norrin put as many stickers on his hat as it could hold and he wore it proudly. 

Customers Bank was one of the sponsors.

Customers Bank's fearless leader :) and my handsome husband.

Their table that was also our main camp.  We made frequent stops for water, juice, snacks and candy.

The decorated ducks table.

This would be about the 20th walk to where they were playing music.  It was bluegrass and Ani Rose loved it.  I have to get the video of her dancing off of Todd's phone. She stole a million hearts with her fancy dance moves :).

Norrin...making one of his many demands of the day.  This is when he wanted to find some kids to blow bubbles with because apparently, he believes that is a team sport.  The little turtle in his hand is actually bubbles.  The head pops off and that's where the wand is.  Pretty cool.

The boat parade:

Banana split boat.

Dragonfly boat.

Popeye and Olive.

Flower boat.

Yellow submarine.

And this one was just cute to me :).

Convincing Norrin that it was time to go wasn't too hard at this point.  We had visited every table five times and he had a balloon and bubbles. 

I just had to throw Ani Rose on my back and gather up our stuff.

Pack mule mama.

It was a long walk back to the car because someone had to blow bubbles the entire way.

Ani Rose looks peppy here, but she actually passed out on my back and was sleeping when I slid her off my back and into her car seat.  She slept for 3 and a half hours after this busy day.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Backyard Photo Shoot

Our backyard is a favorite play area.  Ani Rose insists on at least one visit to the yard no matter what the weather.  Norrin is very focused on garden maintenance and bug collection.  Both the kids have managed to scab up the exact same knee because sometimes its tough be an adventurer in the concrete jungle. 

Ani Rose likes to sample every bicycle, chair and riding toy in the yard.

She likes to check out this table and chairs at least once.

She can climb anything, including the box that holds our garden hose.

 Brother and sister.
Norrin loves nature.

 You can usually find him digging up some section of our yard for bugs.  He has jars he puts them in and he can spend hours on this activity.

Pool Time

We got a little pool.  We get a little pool every year since they're cheap, disposable little things and the kids love them.  This one is the perfect height and we can just barely squish our little family into it.  Ani Rose loves the pool.  She likes to be tossed in the air.  She likes the weightless feeling that comes with running around in the chest high water.  Even when her head goes under or she gets a little water up her nose, she coughs it out and just keeps going.  Norrin likes to show me how he can skim the water for bugs, hold his breath under water and float on his back (which really is just him lying on his back with his arms touching the bottom of the pool for support).  Nothing like a dip in the pool on a hot day :).

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Da's Day

Todd's not going to appreciate this picture, but its a testament to how much fun he is with the kiddos.  They love him so much.  Ani Rose cries if he doesn't say hi to her first when he comes home from work.  Norrin asks me about a hundred times a day when will Da be home.  If it were up to the kids, Da's only job would be to play with them...all day, every day.  While work can keep Todd away from us far longer than we care for, he makes up for his absence.  He plays with them, feeds them, changes diapers, reads to them, snuggles them, goes for walks, swims with them, teaches them, talks to them...the list goes on and on.  Happy Father's Day to the best Da a kid could ask for.

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Beach Trip of 2012

It was a truly perfect day for a beach trip.  We were all sitting around watching cartoons when Todd asked which beach we should go to :).  Norrin has horrible listening skills, but when he heard the word beach come out of Da's mouth, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. In about an hour, we had gathered all necessary equipment and were on our way.  We got to Stone Harbor around noon.  We were going to try a different beach, but the location is so perfect with parking, short walk to the ocean and a playground.  The weather was hot, but there was a nice breeze that cooled us off and didn't bury our stuff in sand.  The ocean temperature was also perfect.  Cool, refreshing and not too rough.

First things first, the kids played in the sand.  I was in charge of fetching water and we only have one big bucket.  We have to get another.
 Ani Rose took to the sand like she's played in it her whole life.

 Next up, a dip in the ocean. 
 Norrin wanted to hold my hand at first and Ani needed a little conversation before she felt safe enough to dip her toes.
 Then, she just loved it.
 And Norrin didn't need to hold my hand anymore.
 Ani let the water roll in up to her belly button and laughed and laughed at each wave.  Then she took a break.
 In her Da's chair.
 Da and Norrin kept playing.
 So, it wasn't a long break before she wanted to go back in.  That hand signal is like a wave to her.  She greets us with it when we pick her up from the babysitter and its her way of trying to tell her Da and her brother that she wants to be with them.  I laugh because she grunts and squeaks whenever she does it.  She is not subtle.
When Norrin was Ani's age, the beach was approached tentatively and he needed a couple hours to adjust.  Ani threw herself right into it.  She walked around like she owned the joint.  She used every sand toy, made multiple trips to visit the ocean, snacked on all the food we brought and sat comfortably in everyone's chair.  Todd and I just had to keep up with her.  It was wonderful to watch my kids play together and enjoy the beach as much as we do.