Monday, January 13, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sledding in New York

Our second Christmas in New York was lovely. There were lots and lots of presents, a good amount of snow, delicious food and lots of family time. One of the very best activities of this trip was sledding. These kids of mine love the snow and Grandmom Jump and Pop Pop Lollipop have the best hill for sledding.
First one down the hill- Norrin Radd.

Look at how much Ani Rose loved her first time down the hill.  Absolute joy.

They both learned quickly that it was easier to just have their mama pull them back up to the top.

Happy little snow bunny.

Ani and Da are having fun, but Norrin just realized the sled is aimed in the direction of the pond.  He was not happy at all...even though Da stopped the sled with plenty of time to spare.

Eating snow.

Stop goofing around, Mommy and Norrin...we gotta go!

Not sure if Ani Rose liked being in front.

King of the Mountain

Trying to reclaim her place as King of the Mountain...

...with very little success.