Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Simple Thank You's

Todd's surgery went really well...the best it could have gone actually. So, I just want to thank a few people. Thank you to his surgical team- Jen, Heather, Dr. Yoon, Tom, Pat and Suzanne...his surgery was quick and efficient and we're looking forward to a good recovery. Thank you to Ellen in PACU for keeping my hubby comfortable post-op and calling me up to sit beside him...even though family isn't really allowed in the recovery room :). Thank you to the nurses taking care of him on 3W...since we can't camp out with him, I appreciate everything they do to keep him comfortable, get him moving and point him in the right direction for quick healing. And now on to the family...thank you to my dad for watching Norrin for hours while I waited for Todd. I was so nervous waiting for even the simplest details and it was good to know that Norrin was with Pop Pop, watching Blue's Clues and eating graham crackers. Thank you to Jimmy and Carolyn for stopping by and making Todd laugh. He loved your visit and it was so considerate of you to drive over there when we know there's about a hundred more fun things to be doing :). And thank you to Rita and Joseph for allowing Todd to recover at their house. Todd was dreading having to climb our stairs and we know that he will receive an extra dose of love and compassion from the woman who refers to him as "my Todd" :). There are many other people who prayed for us and focused all their hopes for a speedy recovery (Todd's Bank Family being one of them) and just helped out in simple ways- a phone call, a text message, sat with me for a few minutes (Megan)...I'm grateful for every little bit. We are so blessed to have so much love and support, so thank you so much.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Being Silly With My Beautiful Boy

Such a charmer.

The things we find buried in our toy chest....

Self-portrait by Norrin Radd.

Mama loves her lil man.

Does it have to be Friday already?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sleep Is For The Weak

So, Norrin was up for about an hour from 3:30 am til 4:30 am. He tossed and turned for about an hour before that and then I guess he just decided to stop trying. After using every trick in my book (which were all performed in a half-assed, I'm-too-tired-for-this sorta way), Norrin was finally able to go back to sleep...but the damage had been done. Fortunately, I was called off from work again (I guess we finally have performed surgery on everyone in Abington), so we slept until 9 am. That did not improve Norrin's mood at all and its been an uphill battle all day. He's been easy to melt all day, fought nap time to the point where I almost gave up and has more or less made me wish I was a bird...so I could fly far, far away. However, he is currently napping and with that, I'm hoping for an improvement in temperament. Either way, I'll take him outside in the sweltering heat and let him play with the hose. He's just learned you can drink from it and that is very exciting to him. He has also learned how to climb up on the toilet in the powder room and drink from that faucet...carrying on a long tradition of kids who can't be bothered to get themselves a cup. As for me, I should probably be napping too. Instead, I finished Friday Night Knitting Club...and cried at the end...and I think Norrin is easy to melt today :). Very good book...a bit long, but there's a lot of women's lives to cover, so completely acceptable. I've also worked on a few more rows of my cotton tank top. At the rate I'm going, that will be completed by August...August 31st. I have to work tomorrow and Sunday...we'll see if I'll be working extra hard for that paycheck. I have definitely been spoiled with having the past few Fridays off. For some reason, Norrin always seems to go to bed at a semi-reasonable hour on Thursday nights and Todd and I always have time to spend together. Last night, we watched a movie from our collection. One of us picks three movies they would like to watch and the other person gets to pick one from that selection. We chose Vanilla Sky. We probably should have picked something with more violence and profanity, like Jarhead or 300, but we both seemed to be in a kooky, slightly artsy in a not-so-deep way kind of mood. We made popcorn...don't tell Norrin...that child would live on popcorn if I let him...and just enjoyed being just us...not Ma and Da...just Jaime and Todd. It was a nice, quiet evening. Before I go, I will tell you that today was not a total black cloud. Norrin has also been very entertaining (between tantrums). We watched Finding Nemo...for about the thousandth time...and he's starting to quote it. A proud moment for a movie-obsessed mama. "Boom" when the bombs go off, "Nice" which is what one bird says to another and while not a quote- "oh no" when Marlin thinks Nemo is dead. Its pretty gosh darn cute. He's also very stubborn about getting his own utensils from the drawer...he will not use the one I bring for him. And Todd got him his first electric toothbrush. He has brushed his teeth three times today. It has Diego on it (he has a current infatuation with both Dora and Diego...they show lots of animals on their shows) and he knows how to turn it on and off. So, while I'm suffering from a slight case of mommy burnout, at least I am still able to see how amazing my lil monster is :).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

I currently have five...yes, five...knitting projects on needles. And for the record, I'm not complaining. In fact, I love it. Each project is relatively easy, but different, so they're all maintaining my interest. I have a felted bowl (the cream colored yarn), a crazy pink and green afghan, a blue cotton tank top, a brown hat for a friend's toddler and some charcoal gray cotton for Rita's sweater (which Norrin tried to paint yellow this afternoon...thank goodness it comes wrapped in plastic). I also have the multi-colored yarn from a previous post and an adorable pattern for a cardigan for Norrin waiting patiently for its turn (that yarn is wool, so I'm not feeling too much pressure to get that one going...yet). Knitting has become such great meditation and its so wonderful when a project works out. As a new knitter, I have to follow the recipe...I don't like to alter things too much...but even things as simple as changing the yarn or the gauge of the needle has made for some truly beautiful creations. Okay...enough...I know you all check in for news about Norrin.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dinner And Dessert

Corn on the cob...

and chocolate ice cream.

*I bribed Norrin inside with ice cream...we were outside interrupting Da while he tried to put up the last of our privacy slats. I gave him his ice cream in a cup with a spoon. He started out with the spoon, then lost it somewhere in his travels. No problem...he tilted the cup and "drank" the last of the ice cream. The picture above is Norrin eating my ice cream. The lil bugger ran out to the kitchen, grabbed a new spoon out of the drawer (because he knows which drawer is which now) and started scooping massive mouthfuls out of my bowl. This is what happens when you ingest a daily helping of ice cream every day of your pregnancy...ice cream-addicted child...there should be a PSA about this.

Photos By Da

On Tuesday, Norrin's sleep schedule got all kinds of messed up. He fought sleep until 4:30 pm...then took a three hour nap. So, Todd and I did what any responsible parents would do...we took him for a walk at 9:30 pm. We got these cool lanterns from IKEA, played in the backyard and took a walk around the block. Norrin was asleep by 11 pm...pretty good for such a late nap time. The pictures Todd got were so cool, I just had to post them...it was like we were running around with the fairies...pretty magical. The late bedtime...not as magical. Rookie parent mistake...when he's up that late, don't let him take a nap...aim for an early bedtime :).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Random Pictures of Cuteness

World's greatest toy store- Rhinoceros Toys in Jenkintown.

Sleepy lil man.

Snuggling with Uncle Steve.

Close up on the golden locks.

Squishing his toes in the dirt.

Running across the lawn.

Kicking in the pool.

Ready for an outing with Ma.

Wild man on the loose.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Its Been Too Long

So, I realize I'm slacking on my blogging duties, but we have had lots to do and this mama hasn't really made it a priority :). Todd took the week off last week and my mom came to visit this week. If I hadn't been called off of work again today this wouldn't be happening. Yes...our number of cases are down and I've made it clear...if you don't need me on a Friday, I will be happy to stay home :). Norrin has been thriving under these conditions...apparently, he likes having us around. His vocabulary is getting more expansive...he said pickle...or rather "pick" the other day and that's the first time he's requested that by name. "Straw" for strawberry and "cheese" for, well, cheese, but never "pick". He was also telling me about a dog, but I thought he said "da"...I started to explain that Da is at work and he said, "No! Woof!", so his communication is getting better too...and I'm looking like the foolish mama who can't understand her own child. My mother's visit was fun and too short. Norrin enjoyed playing with her. He was a little rough with her...probably because she sounds just like me, but all in all they had a good time. Nothing made him laugh more than trying to find her in Walmart. He loves a good game of hide and seek and while my mom was mostly just shopping, he got a kick out of it when she'd disappear. When he "found" her, he'd scream a high pitch scream and go charging towards her. Then, he'd shove at her legs as his way to tell her to go hide again. I also spent a day on Fabric Row with my mom. We left the house extra early...the easiest way to sneak away from a possessive little boy...and spent the whole day shopping. Todd took the day off, which I am so grateful for. I got my hair trimmed, found a cute little dress for my friend, Christine's wedding, got some beautiful fabric and some fantastic yarn, had a great time with my mom and returned to my crazy son and loving husband a little more exhausted, but rested and ready to be "Ma!" again. I have way too many knitting projects in my lap...just the way I like it...and I'm taking on the challenge of making overalls for Norrin in a brown gingham...we'll see how that goes :). Other than that, Todd is having back surgery on the 22nd, which is not convenient at all. I don't know who can watch our little guy...I may have to take him with me and try to the best of my abilities to keep him entertained while Todd's in surgery. Todd wants me to drop him off, but I can't do that. I need to know that surgery went okay, that he recovered well and that he's resting comfortably in his room. I'm happy that he's getting surgery since his pain has been pretty much constant for over a year, but it would have been much better if we could have gotten the 29th as our surgery date. Oh, well. We'll work it out somehow...even if I have to bribe my child with ice cream from the cafeteria :). The most important part is that Todd feels better. So, that's the short version of what's been going on around here. I'll try to get some pictures on soon...Norrin's face looks much better...his scars are fading a little bit and his lip isn't fat (at the moment). Our day is looking pretty gloomy so I'm not sure if I'll get any good shots...pictures look so much nicer with good, natural light.