Thursday, June 10, 2010

So Many Moments

I feel horrible that the posts have stopped since February. We had some computer issues for a while and now I've just been working much harder than I'd like and when I'm not doing that, I soak up the moments with my hubby and my son...who wants to sit at a computer when I could be enjoying every waking second with my boys :). Of course, then I remember that this is sort of a baby book of Norrin's adventures and we have so many great times that I want to document them. Monday was a classic example of things I want to remember forever. My brother is visiting or "Uncle" as Norrin calls him and we decided we would drive to Avalon for a kind of trial run (we have a week of vacation in Cape May coming up). There was absolutely no traffic the whole way there and Norrin was excited for the beach. He kept asking me if I brought his sand toys...yes, Norrin, they're in the trunk. We stopped at a deli we like that makes yummy subs...err, hoagies...whatever and then it was off to the beach. There was no one there. We had our choice of parking and we set up our blanket, chairs and umbrella close to the ocean. It was windy and the temps were in the high 70's. The ocean water was cold, but not unbearable. Norrin clung to Todd and I like he did last summer. He wouldn't let his toes touch the water. I asked, "Norrin, are you scared of the ocean?". He said yes. "Well, we should just scare the ocean right back then". With that, I ran towards the waves yelling, "I'm not scared of you, ocean!". Norrin looked at me, laughed and ran straight in, yelling, "You can't scare me, ocean!" And in that moment, Norrin became a true appreciator of the ocean. He ran into the waves, but not too far (two or three knock down moments gave him a bit of a healthy fear), he lied down at the edge of the waves and let the water wash over him, he stomped and splashed. It was amazing and beautiful and a little bit sad to let him grow up just a little bit more. He spent a couple hours getting completely soaked...then, he realized he was kind of cold, so we changed into dry clothes and played at the playground across the street. After about an hour of that, we got dinner at Tortilla Flats where Norrin ate most of his beef burrito and thanked all the waitresses for feeding us. All of Avalon was a bit of a ghost town, but the local mini golf course was open and since there was practically no one around, we played some mini golf. Norrin's first time and he loved it. He cried when we couldn't play again. He stole the bigger clubs from Uncle and Da and made them play with one of the smallest clubs I've ever seen :). He liked the holes where your ball went in one place and came out another. It was like magic to him. And when he was done with a particular part of the course, he would yell "Next hole!" at the top of his lil lungs. It was such a wonderful adventure and we all left exhausted and content.