Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Outer Banks Vacation August 2014

We're having computer difficulties things are VERY slow-moving.  This post took over an hour to download pictures and text.  These are a few pics from our vacation.  We spent it in Avon this year.  The only complaint was the mosquitoes.  Other than that, it was beautifully secluded and we spent every day at the beach. 

Crab hunting at night.

Norrin got badly sunburned, so Todd picked up some colorful sunblock for his face.

Lots of water gun fights in the hot, humid weather.

Whoever said you never get a lot of pictures of your second child never met this little cutie.

Ocracoke Island

Ani's first bikini- God help me.

Norrin had no fear of the ocean and had good instincts about the waves/how far he could go/how much he could take, so I held my breath, closed my eyes and let him be the brave, adventurous boy he's meant to be.

It helped when Grandmom would be adventurous with him though :).

Ani Rose loved it when Grandmom took her out deep.

It was a wonderful vacation.