Friday, September 28, 2012

September 2012

Well, September just flew by.  Norrin, who is very concerned about when his birthday will be getting here, keeps informing me that October 1st is Monday.  So, I went through the photos we've taken this month and here's our month in a little nutshell.

There's been a whole lot of bed heads around here.
 Some fishing with Da.
 Proud fisherman's face...even though he didn't catch anything.
 There's been paintings...
 By Norrin...
 And by Ani Rose.
 There's been a lot of pancakes consumed.
 Mostly at Norrin's request.
 There's been time on the playground...
 In the rain...
 But that doesn't stop them.
 There's been serious naps with a new sock monkey friend.
 There's been one serious injury.  Norrin has been such a trooper through it all.  He was strong when he got his four stitches.  He lets me clean the injury and put on new bandages every day.  And when asked if he needs help at school, he says no and still does it himself. 
 Meals at this little table.
 And a bit of chocolate icing to taste test.
Our September was very full.  Ani Rose is working overtime on learning her words.  Her frustration level is at a serious high right now.  Of course, its completely our fault that we don't understand and we better get it together.  She also wants to do everything herself.  She wants control over teeth brushing, getting dressed, eating...everything.  As for Norrin, his skills with a paintbrush are at a level that is impressing everyone.  He also insisted that we decorate for Halloween last weekend.  I think that was an attempt to get October here faster.  His injury (he caught his finger in a closet door at a friend's house) was a minor bump in the road.  He can't participate in swim class until the stitches come out (next Friday), but other than that, he still does everything independently, including using scissors like a pro.  I'm very proud of his strength.  He has a bandage and splint on his right pointer finger, but it really is like nothing is different.  He doesn't complain of pain, he goes about getting dressed and using the potty all by himself and he's still just as wild as ever :).  Yes, this little family is keeping busy and we're about to enter our busiest month yet.  Norrin is pretty convinced October is a month long celebration.  I have costumes to make (a vampire for Norrin and an owl for Ani Rose), a birthday to plan and a present to buy, pumpkins and apples to pick, a trip to NY and last, but not least, Halloween to celebrate.  Thanks to her brother, Ani Rose is very aware of what candy is and she will go nuts when she realizes there's a whole day dedicated to it.  So, wish us luck and expect the fall madness to be documented...eventually :).

Saturday, September 8, 2012

NJ Sheep and Wool Festival 2012

Just one picture.  I took the kids by myself and was very busy pulling them through the four barns of animals, yarn and other fiber goodness while they sat in their two person wagon and drank fresh squeezed lemonade. This was the one place they insisted on stopping FOUR times!  They poked, petted and squealed at these adorable little fluff balls.  Everything they did was announced loudly.  "Mommy!  That one just hopped!" and "Mommy! That one is drinking up all the water!" and "Mommy! That one nibbled my finger!".  Ani Rose squealed, screamed and squeaked at every one of them.  She was pretty terrifying :).  As for the moments I could steal them away from this area, they were the hit of the fiber festival.  Every adult was very envious of their comfy ride and the endless supply of snacks I brought with me.  Norrin talked to someone who was spinning yarn on a spinning wheel and someone who was weaving yarn on a large loom.  He told everyone that he was going to learn to knit when he was five years old.  When he was asked how old he was now, he replied "Four and three quarters!".  It was a good morning.     

Happy Birthday, Pop Pop Fish

This is the resulting video when I informed Norrin that it was his Pop Pop Fish's birthday.  He'll probably make us eat cake and ice cream tonight, too :).

Monday, September 3, 2012

I Love You, You Love Me

Norrin's been making up some songs lately.  They've been pretty long, but the themes have been just lovely.  Not sure why the sweetest of songs require crazy, bouncy dancing. 

Ani Kisses

Ani Rose will come over and start kissing you at the most random times.  She kisses legs, knees, hands, elbows and on very rare occasions, faces. I, of course, cheer her on because its just too darn cute.  She's also very aware of my "pay the toll" method.  Oh, Ani, you'd like me to open that popsicle for you?  Where's my kisses? Both my kids pay the toll willingly when it comes to getting their popsicles opened :).

Wild Children

And this is why I will not be inflating the mattress again any time soon.  Not that they need the mattress.  Anything that holds still long enough can be climbed or tackled or jumped on. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our Great Escape

From August 25-August 31, we escaped to Bethany Beach, DE.  We rented a house that was a good 6 block walk to the beach, but still very doable.  There were a minimum of 2 visits to the beach every day.  We ate like kings in large part to the contributions of Mr. Edward Borrelli.  Norrin had plenty of friends to play with and even Ani Rose was waking up earlier than her usual to spend time with the rest of the kids.  There were lots and lots and lots of pictures, so I'll let them speak for themselves.

Ani Rose being sneaky and stealing some of her brother's pancakes.
 On the beach with Da.  There were two days of rough waves and then it calmed down.

 Ani Rose spent a lot of time on my back.  It was the easiest way to get around.  Any time I let her out, she would make a break for it.
Ed's friend, Jodi hooked us up with freshly caught crabs.  Ed steamed them up, but not until the kids had some time to play with them :).

 Ani Rose loved the waves and the sand.
 After a day at the beach there was lots of snuggling under blankets, watching cartoons.
Ani Rose wanted everything the older kids had, including Capri Sun juice pouches.
 A nap after lunch.
My favorite...lemonade on the Ocean City boardwalk.

Norrin liked the lemonade a lot, too.  That's my boy!
 Ani Rose loved the playground equipment they had along the boardwalk.

 So did Norrin :).
 Taking a short break in the sand.

Norrin was so busy all day that he looked like someone shot him by the time he drifted off to sleep at night.
 Liney on the ferris wheel at the boardwalk.
 Norrin pretending to be scared.
 The little kids on the spinning bears.
 The bad idea-  Norrin insisted on going on this ride.  He came out crying.  It was really scary.
 Prizes he won- a pirate patch and a spider.  Good thinking on Da's part to put it on the good eye...just like the good old days of patching :).
 Henry and buds.
Ani Rose stole Liney's glasses.
 And she wore them well.
It was crazy and a bit chaotic having a vacation with another family, but it was the way to go.  The kids totally entertained themselves, we didn't have to search for new friends every day at the beach and for the most part, they got along.  It was never quiet and I wasn't able to drink my coffee without the company of at least one person, but Todd was his usual awesome self and got me out for a little yarn shopping.  In fact, Todd and Ed went above and beyond in the kid wrangling department and I'm pretty sure the vacation would not have gone nearly as well without them.  The week flew by and I miss the beach already.  I ended up getting sick on the last day and have the absolute worst cough, but at least I held together for the majority of the trip :).  Perfect way to end our summer.