Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Daily Moments

I am officially in my third trimester! And with that has come a couple realizations. That there will be a baby soon and that my firstborn is no longer a baby. This isn't really a surprise. We could see him growing and changing before our eyes. But with another one on the way, we are really trying to embrace these few short months of just the three of us.

Reading to Norrin each night...
The same book, Bad Kitty...
He reads a page, then I read a page...

His constant companion, Mickey (a gift from Santa)...

Long naps every weekend...

The rare nursing sessions...

Replaced by new culinary delights...such as chocolate ice cream, covered in chocolate cookie, served on a chocolate cone.

Yes, this time is flying by and while we have as many crazy, chaotic, loud moments as we do peaceful, quiet, snugly ones, its nice to focus on the joy of raising this little man.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow, A New Year and Art

Time for an update after a couple weeks away :). Norrin had a great Christmas and asked for about a week afterwards if Santa was going to come again...soon. After the initial disappointment, he embraced the winter season by playing in the snow, having hot (or in his case, lukewarm) chocolate and surrounding himself in craft (just like his mama). Here's a small glimpse of what we've been up to...

Playing in the snow with Da.
Throwing many, many, many snowballs.

Looking a little tired after destroying one of three snowmen Da attempted to build.

New Year's Eve spent in Longwood Gardens...crowded, but beautiful.

Nor slept in the he was a little grumpy for picture time.

He was even a little pouty with Mommy.

But, eventually he woke up, we got some dinner and finished just in time for fireworks. Nor liked to look at them, but didn't like the loud noise.

Dinosaurs drawn by Norrin on his Magnadoodle.

Fingerpainting...or as Norrin prefers, whole entire hand front and back painting.

Ta daaa! Another masterpiece.