Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Visit To NY- Fall 2012

Wow...we really know how to pack a lot of stuff in just a few days.  We left on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday.  We were very busy bees.
First thing on Thursday morning, Ani Rose wanted to be outside.

 Swinging with her big brother.  It was so much fun.
 The fresh air went straight to his brain.

 Helping build a fire.
 A walk in the woods with Da.

 A visit to Indian Ladder Farms to feed the goats.

Let's all tackle Mommy.

 A very furry calf.  Not sure Ani Rose cares for this variety of cow.
 Todd...being Todd.
 Donkey kisses.
 Family photo, Norrin.  Norrin!
 Well, that's as good as he's willing to give.
 Of course, there was going to be some tree climbing.

 The gorgeous view from the picnic area at Indian Ladder Farms.
 Real live bees!  Norrin was so fascinated by them. 

 Back at the farm...gorgeous fall foliage.
 One of the many yard sale finds that my mom has set up for maximum grandchild fun :).
 Wayne...always working hard.
 Mountain pose.
 Our little farm girl.
 Todd and I got a date at our favorite restaurant.
 El Loco's frozen margarita...the most heavenly margarita I've ever had.
 Playing in the park across from Mommy's favorite yarn store. Legwarmers knit by Mommy.
 Legwarmers and hat knit by Mommy.

 Tackle Da!

A couple pictures from one of Todd's solo walks.

 Ani Rose's favorite thing to do- find the kitty and then pet them with so much enthusiasm that they run away.
Our last day, Norrin and I woke up early and took a walk as the sun was rising.  It was quiet and lovely.