Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Monster Mash

The next week is full of events for Halloween. We started it off with the Monster Mash at the Please Touch Museum. The kids (and parents) came dressed in costume and they could trick-or-treat through the galleries, dance in the main hall or just play with the usual exhibits.

As we walked through the parking lot, Da wanted to take a picture of our lil pumpkin. This is Norrin saying "No, Da!". He had a party to get to.

Norrin was a little dismayed to learn that the tables were filled with mostly healthy snacks, but he collected his free stuff anyway.

He loved seeing the other kids in their costumes. He would scream out what they were as we walked by. These two were "superheroes!" according to Norrin.

Another disappointing table- a coloring book on fire safety. He handed it to me.

Mother Goose tried to engage him in a little nursery rhyme fun, but Norrin was on a mission.

The carousel...Da liked this picture because it showed off his two pumpkins- Norrin and my baby bump.

A little juice break while we rode the carousel.

And this is the blur that Norrin was for the rest of the night. He danced his lil butt off. He danced with princesses and bumblebees, Clifford the Big Red Dog, DJ Disco, The Very Hungry Catapillar and Mommy :).

The whole night was a lot of fun and Norrin didn't want to leave. Little does he know he has a whole week of parties. A birthday party for a kid at school, the Halloween party at school and Halloween itself. All of these events require him to wear his costume and its amazing how popular his costume was. Parents were asking me where I got it (a garage sale in upstate NY) and kids and parents kept pointing him out as we walked around. He did look pretty cute. Although if you ask Norrin, he was a spooky pumpkin and he would give you a loud "Oogety, Boogety!" if you forgot it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today Norrin Radd Milligan is Three

This was the first attempt at a photo...uh, huh.

Then, when I asked my lil man to give me a nice birthday smile, this is what I got. Well, its pretty gosh darn appropriate. Surrounded by goofballs.

Happy 3rd Birthday, my beautiful, amazing, intelligent child. I can't believe how quickly you've grown.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Annual Trip to Styer's Orchard

Our trip to Styer's Orchard has truly become an annual adventure. However, this time we learned why its most important to make that trip on a weekday and not a Sunday afternoon when the weather is sunny and in the 70's. Norrin has been very involved in all things Halloween and it has hit a level as important as Christmas in our household. Both inside our house and out are completely decorated. Norrin has asked a minimum of four times a week if its Halloween. Actually, it more of a statement that goes like this- "Mommy, I think its Halloween time. Uh huh, I think it is." And I wish I had the camera handy when he saw the pumpkin full of candy that Aunt Di sent over. So, without further ado, here's a few photos from this family adventure.

One of the bucketful of mini pumpkins and gourds Norrin chose to decorate our table.

On our hayride to pick some apples...this time Red Delicious. Yum!

Norrin wanted to carry the bucket.

14 weeks!

He carried that bucket all over the place...until we put a few apples in there. Then, it was a bit too heavy.

A lovely photo of Todd. I wish I could take credit, but he told me exactly where to stand and adjusted all the settings prior to me pushing the little button :).

There were a couple of apple samplings- Norrin ate two apples while we walked around.

My boys on the hayride back to the main marketplace.

Norrin loves a good hayride.
And he loves giant pumpkins.

It was a really nice day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hello, Fall

Norrin started pre-school last week. Todd found a two day program that's two and a half hours long. Norrin had been asking to go to school, but we really didn't have any intention of sending him until we saw how happy he was interacting with kids his own age. Then we found a place that was willing to take him despite the lack of potty training and the fact that he's not quite three (15 days til his third bday!). So, I guess it was just meant to be. Todd took a few pictures. Norrin is so fast these days that its nearly impossible to get a non-blurry photo, but he's what we could get...

A random photo that just screams autumn (I couldn't resist putting this one in).
An Elmo cupcake before school- gotta sugar 'em up good :).

Plus, who can deny the child something he enjoys so much?

Walking into school with his lunch bag- its a bunny rabbit.

Playing at one of the tables...looks like the sugar rush may have worn off.

Showing off his artwork. When I got home, he said, "Mommy, look! I made you a polka dot painting!". Such a cutie.