Sunday, November 29, 2009

One More Post Before December

Sorry to drop off the face of the planet again, but its been a whirlwind of activity in this lil household. Since I last posted I started a new job in Nazareth Hospital's operating room. I am now back on the same schedule as everyone else. I work until 5:30pm four days a week and have one day a week plus weekends off. I cannot begin to tell you the difference this schedule has made. Nazareth is a small community hospital, so the stress level is way lower than a Level 1 trauma center, but with the Rothman Institute docs operating, its just amazing to see what they can do in half the time that I've seen other docs take :). As far as my home life, we're no longer eating dinner at 9pm and Norrin is on a more normal bedtime (most nights). It helps that Todd is now home full time with Norrin. I feel safe to work ten hour days knowing Norrin's with his personal idol :) and Todd takes such good care of our son and our house. I used to let the place fall apart around us until I couldn't take it anymore. Todd, on the other hand, makes it all look so effortless. Once again I'm reminded of how amazing my husband truly is. Every weekend we get to spend time together as a family. We've gone to the playground (many, many times), an apple festival, had a nice breakfast at West Ave Grille, taken walks in the leaves, fed the ducks, knitted on park benches (well, I have anyway), thrown rocks in a stream and had a wonderful dinner with friends followed a few days later by a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family. And now, after so much activity, Norrin and I are fighting the monster of all colds. I got it first- two days of feeling miserable followed by over two weeks of the worst cough. Norrin is now in the thick of it. All day Friday, we vegged out on the couch. Norrin took two very long naps and still went to bed no later than 10pm. He didn't really eat anything all day, but he nursed constantly. I, of course, got worried when he wasn't eating, but Todd reassured me that he was okay. Thanks to mama's milk, he wasn't suffering from dehydration and he certainly wasn't going to starve to death. I find it funny that Todd can put that into perspective for me...just another example of his awesomeness :). Yesterday, Norrin was himself with the exception of the horrible cough. I decided to live on the edge and give him a cough drop. Apparently, its not a choking hazard for our son...he sucked on it for about four seconds then swallowed that puppy whole...experiment over. We also started our Christmas decorating a little early. I normally start on my birthday, but since we were stuck in the house with a sick child and since I'm working on my birthday, we got a head start. Norrin loved the decorations and has really only broken far. He has his own little tree in his playroom in the basement and we put the big tree in the front window of our living room. I hung the stockings and he knows which one is which- Da's has a Christmas tree on it, Ma's is the one with the reindeer, Norrin's has a snowman...its pretty cute. So, that's about it for now. Tonight we're having dinner at Rita and Joseph's then we'll probably check out Holyoke. Norrin LOVES the lights and that street usually does it up pretty gosh darn nice. Other than that, there's a whole lot of knitting going on in the hopes that I'll be able to give out a little bit of handmade goodness to my loved ones. And as backup, Todd and I got our list together and will hopefully tackle the shopping a little bit earlier than Christmas Eve :). Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was fabulous and sorry for yet another absence.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

And Now For An Overdose of Wubbzy

Halloween was a really great time for us (obviously from my inability to show a minimal amount of pictures). Norrin really understood what we were doing, he ran from house to house, and even when he was getting tired and his bag was dragging on the ground, he looked up at me and said "more candy". Now normally, we don't encourage this kind of gluttony, but it sure was fun for one night. Norrin ingested his weight in candy and the next day we emptied out all the unhealthy snacks and left just the pretzels and one peanut butter cup. I'm pretty sure this will be the only year we'll get away with that one :).

Getting ready to go out with Ma and Da.

The costume Ma made- fleece on a 70 degree day...what was I thinking?

Grandmom handing Norrin his candy bag. time to pose for pictures Grandmom, there's free candy to be had.

One of the first houses, Norrin hesitated...

Let's go visit Mary.

Waiting at Mary's door...still not sure what he's doing at this point.

Mary encourages him to take some candy.

He puts a piece in his bag...and then shoveled half her bowl in...sorry, we have no documentation of that since we were both "discussing" with Mary that he doesn't need that much candy.

By the fourth house, he's learned to bang on the door while saying "Knock, knock".

He's also learned that just because you knock with all your little heart, doesn't mean there will be anyone home to answer.

Dragging Ma down the steps to the next house.

The Wubbzy doll we brought just in case no one knew what Norrin was...everyone who had a kid under five knew who he was...see Norrin pointing in the background?...cute photo, Da.

Norrin dragging Da across the street.

Da and Norrin

Taking a break in Ma's arms.

Norrin in front of one of the many well-decorated homes on Holyoke.

Norrin has a lollipop...he could care less about getting any more candy.

Show us your tongue, wild man. Blue! Eeeeeewww!

NY Pictures- October 22- 26

So, the day after Norrin's birthday, we took him to NY to visit my family. It was our best trip yet. The leaves were unbelievably beautiful and while it was a bit cold, there was only one day of rain. I'm pretty sure we're going to make this our new time for our annual visit. Norrin loved being outside and figured out how to differentiate between grandparents very quickly. Mom is Grandmom Bounce (she has a huge trampoline outside, plus she encouraged a whole lotta jumping on things indoors), Wayne is Pop Pop Lollipop (Norrin learned that he could ask him for a lollipop probably every night) and Dad is Pop Pop Fish (because Norrin remembers feeding his fish and insists on dumping huge handfuls of food into their tanks). We went to Jay Street for breakfast, visited the Open Door (a truly magical bookstore where I'm guaranteed to spend at least $50 on books for Norrin), went to Jeepers and played some games, spent tons of time outdoors on the trampoline, walking around, throwing rocks in the pond, Norrin had his first bonfire and his first campfire marshmallows and most importantly, he spent tons of time with family that he doesn't get to see nearly enough. These pictures don't do it justice. It was just a really great time.

Hanging out on Jay Street with Uncle and Britney.

Playing with the paper dolls in the playroom at the Open Door.

Posing with Da

Alright- time to get up and play with the leaves.

Da helping Norrin play Skee Ball.


Now its Ma's turn...let's just say the score wasn't as high when Ma helped.

Norrin's favorite- the Duck Punching Game...hmmm.

Using Ma as a step stool to get the best view.

Pop Pop's turn to play a game with Norrin- this one he had to scoop ping pong balls painted like bees into a honey pot...much harder than it sounds. The best part about this place is they win tickets no matter what and Norrin was so cute about the prizes. They were easily breakable, cheap little toys, but he pitched a fit about making sure Pop Pop had a bracelet. We were trying to leave and Norrin kept screaming "Pop Pop bracelet". Luckily, Todd found some more tickets in his pocket and we could get another bracelet, which Norrin allowed Pop Pop to wear for about two minutes before insisting he give it to Da :).

Ma and Norrin sitting in front of the fire Da made.

It was a chilly night- just enough time to toast a few marshmallows before the rain came down.

Norrin's first marshmallow...after his first bite, he looked at me and said "more marshmallow, Ma".

Sharing with Ma.

Mmmmm...straight from the stick.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Norrin's Second Birthday- Finally

My baby boy turned two on October 20th. It was a beautiful day. Da got him a huge birthday donut with sprinkles and we took him to Styer's Orchard to run off his sugar high. Norrin had a great time and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Afterwards, we went to Todd's parents' house for a birthday dinner and ice cream cake. I wish I had pictures of this. Rita and Joseph got party hats, which Norrin insisted everyone wear. He even tried to get one on the dog...poor Max. He ate dinner at the table between me and Grandmom. Of course, he doesn't just focus on his plate. Every once and awhile a little hand would reach over to either my plate or Grandmom's and help himself to a noodle. Rita taught him how to blow out the candle before it was lit, so he was a pro by the time we lit it and sang "Happy Birthday". He loved all of us singing to him and he LOVED his cake. This child would live on ice cream if his mama let him. He kept sticking his fingers in the cake and savoring every little taste :). Despite the mass quantities of sugar, he went to bed without a fuss. It was a really great day.

Norrin and Da

Norrin and Ma on the tractor ride to the orchard

Picking apples... Ma tried to teach Norrin to place them gently, but he preferred to slam dunk those puppies.

Our beautiful boy

We saw this groundhog and Norrin took after him at top speed. My fearless child wanted to pet it! Uhhh...its not a kitty cat, kid. Back away from the wild animal.

Walking through the orchard with Ma

Picking stones to throw in the pond

Throwing stones with Da

Time for kisses.

Running back to the tractor.

Norrin was the first one on.

Posing with the pumpkinsHelping Ma pull our goodies to the car.