Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Parade

This morning, Ani and I went to a parade at Norrin's school.

True to himself, my little skeleton, aka Norrin talked the entire time. "Hi, Mommy!".

"Look, I'm a skeleton!"...because I needed to be told...even though I'm the lady that bought the costume...and the lady that has been there for two events in which he had already worn the costume.

"I love you, Mommy. I'm going to my party now.".

"Bye, Mommy. See you later!"

And there were some songs sung before he went back into school to have a party. Not a bad way to start this spooooky morning. Can't wait to pick up the sugared up lil skeleton and continue with Candy Fest 2011.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dancing At Norrin's Birthday Party

Monster Mash 2011

On Friday, October 21st, we went to the Monster Mash at Please Touch Museum. We did this last year with Norrin and we loved it. This year was even better. They had some great trick-or-treat stations, a photo booth we could all squish into and enough free food to keep us going. Ani wore a dress that Grandmom Jump made with vintage Halloween fabric and a felt witch's hat. Norrin was a skeleton...which I bought from Target.

My little witch and my happy skeleton.

Rocket launcher room- one of Nor's favorite activities.

Ani was content in her stroller.

Although I couldn't resist handing out some kisses.

Too distracted to look forward at the camera, but still a lovely Miss Liberty.

Nor was so excited to see the Hungry Caterpillar again this year.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

For his 4th birthday, Norrin requested chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting. He told everyone in his class that I was going to make them, so I had to deliver. I made buttercream frosting (which is quite literally sugared butter) and we made a lovely mauvey purple with some food coloring. I couldn't resist using some purple decorative icing to write Norrin's name on them.

After school, we took him to Friendly's. He was not happy when after three dollars of tries at the claw game, Da was not able to win him something. Todd and I think the world would be a much better place without those stupid claw games.

Ani Rose just went along for the ride with a look of utter confusion. This was not the usual routine on a school night.

After his healthy dinner of mac-n-cheese and broccoli, he wanted ice cream. They sang to him, which he loved. We had to discuss every word on their birthday song. "If you're good, you'll get your wishes. If you're bad, you'll do our dishes". I still can't believe my baby boy is 4!

New York, I Love You...

I was really dreading the idea of getting in the car for another five hour drive with my darling little devils, but they did really well with the whole thing. And there's just something so wonderful about New York in October. The temperature is just right, the leaves are absolutely stunning and my mom's soups are calling me :). I drove up on a Thursday and Todd drove up Friday night after work. Todd got up early on Saturday and took his usual morning stroll around the farm. He took so many beautiful photos (as usual) that it was almost impossible to pick. So, bare with me with the photo heavy post :).

Trees on the farm.
One of Norrin's favorite features- the hammock swing.

Kisses for Ani Rose.

This one was had to be looks like we're posed in front of one of those fake photo backgrounds, but this was just taken during one of our walks.

Norrin running back to hunt for frogs.

Another picture from our walk. So beautiful.

Loved the composition of this photo. Just shows how slow and peaceful our morning walk was.

Lots of great textures for Ani to get her hands on.

Back in that darn swing!

Norrin running back to the house.

Ani and Da.

Todd and I in our usual snugly picture. Its pretty much a required photo these days.

Me and Ani on the porch of my childhood home, aka Pop Pop Fish's house.

Norrin picking all of Pop Pop Fish's daisies.

Ani chowing down at the Cheesecake Factory.

The captain insano car ramp Norrin got from Pop Pop Fish for his birthday.

Ani in the playroom. Love that crazy hair!

Another amazing picture by the pond.

Norrin pushing Colleen in the swing.

Norrin bouncing on the trampoline.

Norrin and Colleen bouncing :).

And we'll end with three gorgeous photos Todd took on another walk around the farm.

Proof of how secluded the farm is.

So much to explore.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


So, on October 20th, Ani was officially 6 months old. Yes, this is an important milestone, but unfortunately for her, her 6th month falls exactly on Norrin's birthday. So, we said "Happy half-birthday, Ani", then proceeded to focus all our attention on the squeakier wheel (aka Norrin). Prior to this giant milestone, we started letting her sample some solids at dinnertime. She wanted what we were eating, but spaghetti with spicy sauce would be a bit much for her palate. So, we started with the basics- sweet potatoes, banana, rice cereal, etc. She loves it. A natural born foodie :). She gets her own spoon and Mama has hers and we go to town. She's quite good at getting the spoon in her mouth, as long as there's no pesky food to weigh it down.

Ani Is Mobile

Yes, through a series of army man crawls, rolls and inch worming, Ani has figured out a way to get whatever she wants...even if its across the living room. She also has a technique where she pulls herself up on her hands and knees and launches herself forward, but she finds this useful only for short distances. Yesterday, she pushed herself up to sitting and found her balance. She sat there as proud as can be while she enjoyed playing with her toys at this new angle.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Norrin is 4 Years Old!

Norrin turned 4 yesterday. In honor of his special day, he woke the whole family up at 4am and we had to give him a present. He tried for 1am, but luckily he was just a little bit too tired to fight me at that hour. So, 4am...yeah. Thanks to that super painfully early wake up, this is my only picture so far. Happy birthday, you little bugger!