Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry First Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, I bake and cook all day and we spend time decorating cookies for Santa and watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music and opening gifts from each other. I consider it the quiet before the storm. And this year is full of even more anticipation as we are leaving tomorrow for a Second Christmas in NY with my family. So, I hope you enjoy the pictures of our First Merry Christmas because it aint over yet, baby.

Time to open Christmas Eve presents.

Pete the Cat...Ani's absolute favorite books are Pete the Cat.

She even loved the clothes she got.

This year we did a bag with pajamas, slippers, snacks and a Christmas movie.

Ani Rose in her new monkey pajamas, new slippers and her glittery puppy dog purse.

Typical Ani face.

This is how Norrin woke up on 7:30, thank God.

This is how Ani didn't wake up on Christmas.


Daniel Tiger


A motorized bike.

A beautiful card for Norrin

From Santa

Digging for candy at the bottom of his stocking.

A much needed nap.

Peace out, ya'll!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Been Busy Playing

No words needed.  These kids had an awesome day off with their Da. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Since it was an extremely busy day at Fox Chase Cancer Center, I asked Todd to take the day off because these two kids of ours are very busy bees on Halloween. Ani Rose had her parade at the Y in the morning and Norrin had his parade in the afternoon. I don't get out of work until 4, so by the time I get home, there's just enough time to shove a little food in our mouths and get out the door for trick or treating. We would not have been able to pull this off if Todd hadn't taken off...and besides, he does take the best pictures. So, without further ado....
"Hi, Da!"

Typical Ani face.

They sing the same songs every Halloween, so I know the words and every time I've tried to sing them, Ani Rose makes this face, tells me its too scary and covers my mouth. She also says "Shushie!" to make it clear that she doesn't care for the "Five Little Pumpkins" song.

Norrin looking for Da.

Oh, there he is!

After they paraded past, they were able to sit down and judge other people's costumes. 

Walking home from school...what a beautiful fall day...and what a beautiful Norrin.

One of the reasons we don't do posed pics with him too often.  Such a goofball.

Another classic Norrin face.

Waiting for Mommy so the trick or treating can begin.

Trick or treat, Grandmom.

Ani learning from her brother.

Goofy Mommy.

It only took 4 or 5 houses of me carrying Ani before she got the hang of knocking, saying trick or treat and holding out her bucket for the free candy.  She learns fast when there's candy involved.

Ani had a breaking point at the end of the block.  She sat down...

And had a mini tantrum.
After I had a conversation with her, we only went to a few more houses and Ani refused to get out of the wagon. Norrin would ask for two candies- one for him and one for his baby sister. Both kids went to bed late because its just too hard to wind down from so much excitement. Plus they may have eaten their weight in candy :).