Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vacation 6/15/2013-6/17/2013

So, we're going to take these vacation photos in bits because I was not kidding when I said there was 1000 pictures to choose from.  We had a lot of adventures and narrowing it down without taking away from the story just wasn't going to work.  So, we'll start with the first three days of pictures and go from there.  The plan was to have an overnight stay in Ocean City, Maryland instead of risking everyone's sanity with a drive straight through to the Outer Banks.  As it worked out, we didn't get on the road until early evening and as per usual, the kids started to meltdown about 40 minutes before we got there.  So, we took a break to stretch our legs at a gas station before continuing on.  Even with the break, Ani Rose started screaming "Wanna Go Home!!!" and Todd and I thought it was both funny and a little bit heartbreaking.  It was about 9 pm by the time we got there, we walked on the boardwalk and got some pizza.  The kids didn't get to bed until 11:30, but nothing messes with sleep schedules more than vacation.  The next day, Norrin and I were the early risers and got to the beach before anyone else.  Ani and Todd joined us after we brought them warm donuts for breakfast (Happy Father's Day, Da!).  Then, we went back to the boardwalk to really wear them out before driving to the Outer Banks.  The house we rented had two hammocks, rocking chairs on the deck and was the perfect little getaway.

Ani Rose taking a break from the car. Outfit compliments of Grandmom Jump...its all I want to dress her in.
 Norrin, obviously losing his mind from being trapped in the car so long :).
 Ocean City, MD around 7 am. 
 Norrin's giant footprint in the sand.
 Our beach baby with the kitty she dragged everywhere during this vacation.
 Da and Ani in front of the kites at the Kite Shop.
 Our model, Norrin Radd, working the camera like a rockstar.
 Another hermit crab...we'll see how long this one survives our neglect.
 The rocking chairs on the deck at the house we rented in the Outer Banks.
 Serious hammock love.

End of Year Show 2013

Before we get knee deep in vacation photos, we have a little performance to document.  Every year in June, the Y has an end of the year show.  This was the first time Ani Rose was happy, singing, clapping and just taking it all in.  Of course, I stayed just out of her view because she does have a habit of crying the second she sees me :).  Norrin officially graduated to kindergarten. He was his usual dancing self, but I thought I would just show his animated acceptance of his diploma.  We had him take a picture with the lovely Miss Jenn.  She has been a constant support to us as we navigated our way through Norrin's rough patches and Norrin's biggest cheerleader in all his achievements.  I cried during pretty much the whole show.  My babies are so grown up now and I'm such a proud mama.  These two bring me more joy than I ever experienced.  They are strong, beautiful, stubborn, funny little individuals and they are a blessing that I'm still in awe of every single day. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

We're Back From Vacation...

...But you'll have to give me a minute to go though all 1000...yes, 1000 pictures that were taken over the week.  Here's a taste of the cuteness to come.