Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grounds For Sculpture...Again...With A Lot of Pictures

Between my beautiful children, the perfect weather and the amazing landscape that is Grounds For Sculpture, its a miracle I was ever able to scale down the pictures to these select few.  I think this pretty much summarizes our day.  This place is absolutely stunning.  I can almost literally open the car door and let them run free.  The landscaping is a lovely compliment to the variety of sculptures, there's plenty of open fields to run through, plenty of trees to climb, little bits of wildlife for the kids to spy and plenty of places to sit down, rest your feet and enjoy the day. So, here we go.

Surprise, surprise...Norrin started his day by climbing a tree.

 Climbing the sculpture with a little help from her Mommy.
 Ani Rose trying to decide if she can climb this sculpture...hmmmm.
 As usual, Norrin spotted a toad and snatched it up quick as a flash.  For a city boy, he really can catch any animal that he wants. Surprisingly, he did not try to take this one home.

 Showing Ani Rose his caterpillar...which he did take home.
 Uncle came along with us.  Probably the most relaxing part of his whole visit :).
 Stopping to smell the flowers.

 Look, Mommy, a duck!
 Of course, there was a nursing break.

 Ani Rose was completely fascinated by this sculpture.  Not sure if she wanted to hold its hand or help it up.

And that's it.  Another perfect day.  Afterwards, our dear friends, Maren, Khyber and their daughter, Juniper came over for a BBQ.  Norrin and Ani were so worn out from a full day outside that they slept until 8:30 the next morning.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Just a Little Bit of Cuteness

Yesterday we went to Grounds for Sculpture and Todd took a lot of pictures.  As usual, so many came out so beautiful that I'm going to have to go through them at a later date when I have more time to myself. Since its been awhile and I know ya'll are jonesing for some Milligan children cuteness, here's some random pictures taken throughout our days.  I feel like I must have blinked and my baby girl has turned into a full grown child.  I can't believe how tall my Norrin is now.  How is it possible that I have a child starting kindergarten in the fall?  Most days of the week, they play so nicely together.  Ani Rose copies her brother and if she succeeds at the smaller task, Norrin tries to teach her a more challenging activity, much to my dismay.  Together, they yell louder, climb higher, make bigger messes and I have no doubt will rule the world.  So, here's a sample of our days. 

Watching Elmo on the computer with Da...not sure what has her so concerned...probably because its almost time to say "night,night" to Elmo.
 Ani Rose loves nudity.  It takes major negotiations to get her back in clothing.
 Norrin and his new fish, Thunderboomer.
 Our beautiful girl...even with dirt on her face.
 The lion fountain at Mason Mills playground.
 Swinging on the tire swing at Shadybrook Farms.
 Pretending to be a surgeon.
Mitchell playground.

Monday, May 20, 2013

I Like You

All weekend, Ani Rose has been singing a song from one of her favorite cartoons.  The words are "I like you, I like you, I like you, just the way you are".  She just likes to focus on the I like you part.

Sorry its sideways.  Todd took the video with his cell phone and I can't figure out how to turn it upright.