Friday, March 29, 2013

Egg Dyeing

What a lot of fun!  Only one cup got knocked completely over and I was the one who did that. Ani Rose had her cups and eggs and Norrin had his. Norrin's decorating was thoughtful and time consuming. Ani Rose just tried to fit as many eggs in one cup as humanly possible.  She was incredibly possessive of her eggs.  No one could touch them and she needed a spoon for each cup to stir them every once and while.  She even took a cup out to the living room (leaving a trail of green water), so she could watch TV with it :). I really enjoyed this activity with my two little creative kiddos.

 Norrin's eggs.

Shadybrook Farms

We went to Shadybrook Farms because they had an Easter egg hunt and a slew of other activities for the kids to do.  There were all sorts of things to climb and bounce on and the Easter bunny was there.  For $8 a kid, they received bags for their eggs, access to all the bouncy things and a wagon ride to the "hunting grounds".  The only downside was Ani's sleep schedule had been painfully off that day because for some reason she wanted to stay up until midnight the night before.  So, she was a little more grouchy than usual and extremely clingy.  Once again, its those kind of days that I'm grateful for my carrier.  That thing saves my back on a daily basis.  

Anyway, here's Norrin bouncing on these giant pillow things.  It was pretty cool and he had a blast.

 Ani was okay saying "Hello, Bunny" from a distance, but the second we got close she tried to push away and said, "No, no, no".
 So, only Norrin got a picture with the Bunny.
 As we waited for the wagon to take us to the egg hunt, Ani Rose stole both their bags.  We didn't have proper documentation, but she screamed and cried bloody murder when her brother wanted his back.
 On the wagon ride, she stuffed her bear in the bag.  She's really loving the color blue right now, so this bright turquoise bear is her new favorite to carry around.  Of course, the favorites change on a weekly basis.
 I know we have more pictures somewhere, but for now this is the one little picture of Norrin egg hunting.  They're probably on the other camera, which has yet to be charged. 
 This giant spiderweb trampoline was pretty cool.

 Norrin, Ani Rose and her bear really liked it :).

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ani Rose Playing

I'm pretty sure I just blink my eyes and this girl gets just a little bit bigger.  She's talking up a storm and for the first time, I'm not sure what the heck my child is saying.  I had more time with Norrin at this age, so it was easier to translate his words and help him with his speech.  She gets frustrated more easily, but she helps us figure out what she's talking way or another.  She loves stuffed animals.  Much more than Norrin ever did.  She plays with them, gives them each a turn on various errands or in her nap bag at school, calls them what they are- "kitty", "woof, woof" or "duck" and is absolutely overjoyed when she wakes up to one tucked into bed with her. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New York- March 3, 2013

Our last morning in New York.  It was lightly snowing and I was joking that it looked like it was accumulating and we should probably just stay there one more day.  Ani Rose woke up a little less congested than she was the day before.  She was still (and continues to be) very clingy to her mama, but soon my turn will be over and she'll start clinging to Todd again. 

 We had been using a bulb suction...or the Snot Sucker, as I call it.  Ani found it...
 And tried to use it on one of Grandmom Jump's cats. 
 There was one last chance to play in the snow.  It was really windy and cold.  Somehow, we managed to convince Ani to get in her snowsuit.  No one fights proper outdoor attire like Ani Baby Rose.
 There was more swinging.  Alone...
 And together.

 Then, we had to go.  It took us a very long time to get home since the kids required three stops.  These were pictures taken at the last stop...a farmstand in Princeton, NJ.  Ani had a complete freakout and we needed to stop...even though there was only about 40 minutes left in our drive. 

After some outdoor air and a good stretch of our legs, we got in the car and drove home with no further incident.

New York- March 2, 2013

On this day, we spent most of our time with Pop Pop Fish.  He took us to IHOP for breakfast.  Unfortunately, Norrin snacked until it was time to go and was only willing to have a couple sips of orange juice and some small bits of fruit.  Yes, we've reached the phase where he insists that he'll still have room for whatever meal is approaching...and then he snacks and snacks...and then he realizes he doesn't have room.

Like every kid, Ani Rose spent her time at the table playing with the syrups.

 After IHOP, we went to Target because Norrin talked his Pop Pop into one toy.  Well, he picked the biggest Star Wars Angy Birds Jenga building set he could get his hands on.  Ani Rose liked the popper toy...even though we already have one, Pop Pop got her another, so races like the one below can occur all over our house :). 
 Ani Rose had been feeling sick all morning, so she fell asleep on the way to Uncle's apartment and stayed asleep most of the time we were hanging out there. 
 Norrin built while Ani slept.  He got frustrated with how easy it falls down and started to cry and I have to give extra bonus points to Uncle because he said exactly the best thing.  He said its okay to cry and that its hard to do new things.  He also encouraged him gently to try again.  Then we made Da build one and it fell down and we all laughed at Da :).  Crisis over.
 Norrin also got an old fashioned pinball game from the little bookstore, The Open Door, that we have to visit every time we're in town. 
 And Ani Rose just came along for the ride :).

New York- March 1, 2013

Friday was spent at Mom and Wayne's house, getting ready for Colleen to come over for a Pajama Party.  Since Norrin and Ani were missing pajama day at school, it was a nice excuse to get the kids and their parents together for a meal.  I took the early part of the afternoon to go to my favorite yarn store in Altamont.  Ani Rose was none to happy about it, but Da distracted her by going on a kitty cat hunt.  They like to hide behind the washer and dryer because there's a direct route to the basement there.  Well, I'm not sure how many kitty treats my kids threw back there, but I'm sure it was more than a handful :).

We're going on a kitty hunt, we're going to find a big one, we're not scared, what a beautiful day.

 That's not a real kitty, Norrin Radd.
 Norrin, being so very Norrin.

 Ani decided she wanted to go outside.
 But she wouldn't wear her coat, so I threw a fleece nightgown over her flimsy owl one.

 Eventually, Norrin needed to bring her a blanket.

 Cupcakes were made and only the frosting was eaten by one person in particular.

 That was immediately followed by a bath.
 Time for Mommy kisses.
 And Mommy splashes.

 Colleen came over and they did arts and crafts.
 Posed for the camera. 
 Ani tried to get in the action by brushing her hair...with Barbie brushes.
 Colleen fought for a picture of just her...
 then Norrin fought for a picture of just him.
 Then they stopped fighting and posed nicely.