Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another Bout of Random Photos

We'll be heading out for a two week vacation in Ocean City,, I just had to plaster the blog with random photos. They'll be plenty more when we get back. Norrin is already so blonde, I can only imagine what two weeks on the beach is going to do :). And now the photos...

Lil snoozer

"Helping" Ma with the laundry.

The beautiful sunrise...taken by Da when Norrin woke the whole family up extra early :)

A truly grotesque picture of Scout.

He's got a face that only the Da could love.

Ready for bed.

Just a little of the massive amounts of tomatoes we've harvested.

Snuggled up against Da.

Picking all the white chocolate bits out of Ma's trail mix.

Reading with Ma.

The true laziness that is Scout.

Marker on baby's feet...did any of it end up on the paper?

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