Friday, September 4, 2009

No Place To Go

If I could be paid a dime for every time I've procrastinated, I would be a millionaire. The latest activity that I put off was getting my car inspected. In my defense, I couldn't find my updated registration card. However, my inspection was up at the end of August and I started looking for my missing card on September 1st :). I just got the car inspected yesterday, so Norrin and I spent Tuesday- Thursday in close proximity of home. We took a long walk around the neighborhood, played in the backyard (its amazing how virtually everything in our backyard is climbable to an almost two year old), did laundry, napped, knitted and sewed (well, I did the sewing while Norrin stuck pins in a pin cushion and dumped out my button box). Our evenings were the only time we made an escape. Todd would come home and I would make suggestions for little trips. On Tuesday, after a delicious dinner of homemade Ratatouille, we made a trip to Cold Stone Creamery with a short little visit to Pier One Imports. On Wednesday, we went to Barnes and Noble- Norrin knows exactly where the train is set up and he loves their little stage (the Neshaminy Mall one is so kid-friendly, unlike Willow Grove). And last night, we went to Target in an attempt to buy things to tempt our child into the bath tub...he liked changing the water's color, but he wasn't about to bathe in it...hmmm. All of these little outings catered nicely to our child's need to be social. Would I prefer to have him running around in fresh air and open fields?...yes. But he thrives in his city environment. He loves seeing all the different people and he greets everyone with a smile and a sometimes quite loud "Hi!". And as for me, I love spending time with my boys in any location :). Besides, I found the most perfect mugs at Pier One. I was drawn to them because they have a cow on them. Then, I saw they were on clearance. And finally, as my mother taught me, I held them in my hands and they fit so comfortably I just had to buy them. I got two and they've been used for coffee, hot chocolate and water so far. They are my absolute favorite mug right now. My only regret is that they only had two :). Anyway, off to work. Hope your Labor Day weekend is more fun than mine :).

The overalls I made for Norrin...he looks absolutely adorable in them, despite his mama's amateur skills on the sewing machine.

My new cow it!

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Heather said...

Those overalls are the cutest :)