Sunday, December 27, 2009


Just a small taste of what we've been up to. There's been lots of baking, cooking, visiting, shopping, wrapping and unwrapping over the past couple of days. Plus a lil bit of usual :). The knitted gifts have been sent out without a single picture taken. Socks for my brother (which you can check out on his Facebook page), a vest for Corbin, gloves for Maren, and a hat for Todd. This is the first year I tried to crank out the handmade goods and I have officially learned that I need to start now :). Norrin insisted on helping me with all the cooking and baking. To quote him exactly- "Norrin do it! Norrin do it! NORRIN DO IT!!!". Santa was very good to him and he opened each gift with enthusiasm. Even the shirts, socks and pajamas got an "Ohhh, clothes!" out of him. He's been playing his Melissa and Doug piano every day at least five times a day. He flips through the songbook as he plays, like he's actually following the notes. Its pretty cute. He also got some watercolors and paintbrushes from Stubby Pencil Studio and they are such a quality product that Da has all but stolen them away :). The best result of Christmas has been the empty wrapping paper tubes. We've had a couple of sword fights already that always end in a fit of giggles. Anyway, that's the condensed version of our holiday. We also have a new camera, so I have high hopes of getting more photos on the blog...before the grandmoms start to get violent :). Hope everyone had a great holiday filled with love, happiness and lots of yummy food.

And now, last night's adventures :

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