Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adventure Time

So many adventures and they just keep going.  I'm in a constant state of exhaustion.

Playground visits while the weather is nice.
 Parties at Kate, my lovely midwife's house...complete with pumpkin pinatas to beat the crap out of.
 Petting sharks at the aquarium.
 Petting itty bitty sting rays.
 Looking in all the windows.
 Eating some of the non-edible gift shop items.
 Dancing in front of the fish.
 Looking at sharks in the shark tunnel with Da.
 Playing a game instead of looking at all the sharks in the shark tunnel.
 Being silly in the rain with the city of Philadelphia behind us.
 More silliness.
 Picking our noses.
 Getting our hair trimmed.
 And getting our hair completely cut off while Mommy holds back the tears.
Our weekends are very full.  We are trying to get the most out of the season, which includes playgrounds all to ourselves, nature walks to collect leaves of almost every color, all things pumpkin and Halloween related, birthday planning, trip to NY planning, career transitions and the list goes on and on.  On Saturday, we enjoyed every minute of the day...first at the playground, then at Miss Kate's house for a potluck gathering.  The pinata was the highlight.  And while all the parents and kids were getting impatient, Kate sat there in her zen way and explained that pinatas are like don't know when the prize is going to come out.  The one child that knocked the pinata down was a quiet redheaded girl dressed in head to toe pink.  Once it came down, she began to beat it repeatedly and then stabbed it with the stick a few times, then her and Norrin each grabbed an end and pulled that sucker apart.  I wish I had a picture.  It was thoroughly brutal and hysterically funny.  On Sunday, we chose to go to the aquarium.  It was too rainy for anything else and as long as you go when it opens until about 12-1pm, the crowds aren't too overwhelming.  Norrin loves that place and Ani Rose is cautious about the places you can pet a sea creature, but runs wild everywhere else.  And last, but not least I took the kids for haircuts.  Ani just got a trim since we're still just trying to encourage it to grow thicker and longer, please.  Norrin was allowed to tell the hairdresser exactly what he wanted.  He said he wanted it short, but not too short.  He wanted "the hair to touch the tops of his ears, but not cover them".  That was the exact quote he gave the lady.  I hate his short hair because it instantly makes him look older.  Silly, I know because he is getting older.  He's going to be 5 in 9 days! But I still get a little lump in my throat, hug him a little tighter than he'd like and then, I see that whether his hair is short or long, he's absolutely gorgeous. 

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