Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Despite a horrible storm that was followed up with cold weather, Halloween happened right on schedule.  The kids had school, their Halloween parade and their Halloween parties.  Todd was able to see their parade for the first time and it was as cute as always seeing all the little ones in costume.  As you can tell from the video, its still pretty windy and Ani Rose didn't care for her owl hat, but kept it on anyway :).  Norrin sang the five little pumpkins song around his scary vampire fangs, which was an impressive feat all on its own.  As for trick or treating, we gave it a try in our neighborhood this year and it was a great time.  The kids got an obscene amount of candy and Ani didn't want to speak to anyone, but anytime they put candy in her bucket, she would smash it down in there, nice and tight :).

A very cloudy sky for the parade.

Grumpy Ani Baby Rose.
 My scary vampire.
Wagon, candy and teddy bear- this girl has the life.
 Norrin and his best friend, Scottie.  Norrin wanted out of his costume as soon as he was done trick or treating.  Scottie is a zombie doctor. 

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