Monday, March 24, 2014

Grounds For Sculpture...A Favorite Family Outing

So, this post will be heavy in pictures. The day was beautiful and so are my kids...which made it impossible to choose a bare minimum :).

This was right before we got caught by one of the groundskeepers and the kids were told not to climb on the sculptures.  Oops.
There were peacocks everywhere. 
The rock landscape was almost more interesting than the sculptures to these two.
Our silver surfer.
Ani Rose got her shoe and sock wet, so I took the sock off.  She still needed to show Da her wet shoe.
See, Da.  Right here.
It didn't stop her from dancing with Mommy.
Norrin read all the titles of the sculptures.  It was pretty cool.

Being silly at lunch.

My Norrin!
My Ani!
Ani Rose spent about 10 minutes at most in the backpack carrier.  She was a great independent explorer.

Ani made it a point to show me this sculpture's "nurses".

A peacock was waiting near our car to say goodbye.

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