Friday, April 18, 2014

NY Day Two

Our second full day in NY was very full indeed. We spent the whole day with Pop Pop Fish and Uncle. We had breakfast, played on the playgrounds at Central Park (in Schenectady, not NYC), went to the toy store and had lunch at Olive Garden. Afterwards, we went back to Grandmom Jump's and while Ani Rose took a very long, much needed nap, I finished decorating with pink, pink and more pink, Norrin and Da explored the farm some more and Grandmom Jump made dinner. Ani Rose was absolutely thrilled when she woke up to a living room saturated in pink. When Uncle got there, we took a short hike, then had pizza and cake. Ani wanted pictures with her cake. While we sang to her, she kept her eye on Norrin because she loves him so. She blew out her three candles and wanted a piece with the most sprinkles. And after all that, she opened gifts. Pink towels, a princess dress, a Hello Kitty purse. All good things.
She has the greatest giggle when she swings.  It makes me laugh every time.

Trying to kick Pop Pop Fish's butt at tic tac toe.

I hated this slide as a kid.  There's nothing at the top to hold onto.

Pop Pop Fish fishing a ball out of the stream for Norrin :).

This princess knows how to hike in style...and with as little effort on her part as possible.

She asked Da to take a picture of her with her cake.

Make a wish!

Her "Let's Do This" pose.

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