Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Since Juniper and Xyla are born in the same month and only two weeks apart, Maren and Khyber decided to throw them a joint birthday party.  Juniper turned 3 and Xyla turned 1.  They had it at a small park near Khyber's parents' house.  I've met Maren at this park many times.  Its just the right size, in the middle of a neighborhood with little to no traffic.  Maren and Khyber brought tons of food, there was a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake, there was face painting, temporary tattoos, sports equipment, bubbles.  It was just a beautiful day to be outside with friends. 

Bubbles for the birthday girl.

Nature boy Norrin.

Ani Rose loves their dog, Yasha.

The other birthday girl, the lovely Xyla.

I love Ani's face in this one. "Just give me a freaking balloon, Norrin".

I was in charge of tattoo application...but Ani didn't want to share my attention. 

My little acrobat.

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