Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

This Halloween was a lot of fun. Norrin was a very active participant since about a week before October started. How he made it to the end of the month is beyond me :). Since day one he has had no problem telling everyone exactly what he was going to be- a spooky pumpkin! He found his costume at a yard sale, so there was no necessary sewing for this mama, but when I heard the weather was going to be cold, I couldn't help making a last minute knitted hat. He ran from house to house and got a whole lotta loot. When he was back at Grandmom's he only had a bottlecap, two lollipops and a Kit Kat. Still, Todd and I thought it would be a rough bedtime, so we decided to let him stay up and watch TV. He wanted a scary movie and chose Jumanji for the five millionth time. While I was upstairs brushing my teeth, he curled up in Todd's lap and said, "Da, keep me warm". Todd snuggled him and that's where he fell asleep maybe no more than 15 minutes later. Todd carried his little boy upstairs and tucked him in. It was a real treat for him because Norrin is without a doubt a mama's boy. And now for the pics...

Norrin waiting patiently for us to get it together and tell him its time for the trick-or-treating to begin. quick pose with Grandmom and then its candy time!

My happy lil pumpkin.

Banging on the door...and he may have screamed, "I want candy", but only to a few neighbors (and Todd might have instigated that one a bit).

He would ignore the steps all together and scale steep hills to see the cool Halloween decorations.

This family will always have to keep their Tigger up. All the kids love it.

This pirate ship was also one of the favorites.

He did make a small pit stop to go down a little slide someone had in their yard. He immediately went right back to candy collecting after this detour.

My fearless boy posed happily with a big, scary gorilla.

And he even humored his Mommy when she wanted to take a picture of him with Da...such a happy little family.

Towards the end of our night, Norrin started singing a chanting kind of song- "We are going trick-or-treating". It was cute and seemed to motivate him through the last few houses.

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