Monday, November 15, 2010

Norrin's First Day

With two parents working, it was finally necessary to put our lil man in full time care. He started his first day of school today at our local YMCA. He woke up and asked when I was taking him to school. I said after we eat breakfast and get dressed. He wanted to see his new backpack and evaluate what I had made him for lunch. Everything got his seal of approval except the yogurt which he wanted to eat for breakfast. He also had three slices of cheddar cheese and chocolate milk for breakfast...all of which he said would make him bigger since he was a big boy going to school today. When Todd came downstairs, Norrin told him that I was going to drop him off at school and then I was going to come back home. By this time, he was dressed and ready to go, so there was nothing left to do except give Da kisses and allow him to take a few pictures. Norrin was willing to pose as long as he knew he was going to school. On the car ride there, he told me to "remember to visit Grandmom later". Rita and I have a date to do some shopping for our big boy and I thought it was hysterical that he's reminding me of my schedule. At school, he instantly wanted to know where the kids were, he told his teachers that he's bigger than he was the first time they met him, he found a boy named Owen who was willing to roar like dragons with him and then he told the other teachers in the classroom exactly what he wanted to do...hmmmm...can't wait to pick him up and hear how this went. I had to steal my kisses and he waved me off with a barely audible "Bye, Mommy". Uh, huh. So, I was told I could call and check up on him whenever I wanted, but I can't say I'm too worried. Besides, its more fun to hear about his day directly from him :). Now for some pictures...

Down the stairs and on his way...

Come on, Mommy. Let's go!

In the car and still holding tight to his lunchbox.

Mommy- 19 weeks!

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