Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Busy Little Bees

Well, folks...we've been extremely busy here. Well, maybe not the lil wild man in the pictures above, but the Mommy and the Da have been very busy. I'm currently 31 weeks into my pregnancy and now the truly chaotic part begins. There are birth classes to finish up, lots and lots of organizing to be done, many prenatals to go to (twice a month now), an ultrasound in a week and a half to finally get a peek at this lil bean who's holding constant gymnastic tryouts in my belly and lots of other preparations that I seem to feel necessary to get done before we become parents of two. I have to admit I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to divide my time between this new baby and Norrin (once again, please note the pictures am I going to keep up with that as a sleep deprived mama?). Many, many people have done it before me and with a heck of a lot more children than me, but its something that I'm really kind of focused on. Hence, the hyper need to organize...control what I can before all control is lost. Norrin is showing great promise as a big brother. There's been belly hugs and kisses and many secrets whispered into my tummy. Sometimes I'm allowed to be a part of the conversations..."I love you, baby" and "Baby, you're going to love nursing when you get out of there", but lately the whispers have gotten much more quiet and it makes me wonder...are my kids plotting against me already :)? Seriously though, Norrin has been truly sweet and aware of this little magical creature that squiggles under his hands and he seems really interested in meeting him or her when he or she comes out. Until then, we are still trying to not be consumed with the need to clean and organize to the point where we miss out on too much time with our firstborn. He will start playing a little indoor soccer with other 3 year olds at the end of the month. For one hour on Saturdays (right up to my due date), I will sit in the gym at the Y and watch my wild man kick a ball around. It will be so cute to watch...and there will be a whole hour of knitting time as well :). I think that's a win-win situation.

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