Sunday, March 13, 2011

36 Weeks

All belly and really freaking people out with my pregnancy shape. Most of my co-workers look at me like I'm a ticking time bomb and my patients ask me if I'll be going into labor in the middle of their case. Due any day? Not really. One baby? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. Even I'm a little amazed at my body's ability to just expand from my belly. I'm still so scrawny everywhere else. People have asked how I'm feeling. At this point, tired and like a beached whale. I'm waking up every single night with heartburn and nothing is killing it. Not Tums, not raw almonds, not propping myself upright with pillows. All I can do is go downstairs and sit for about an hour. That calms the burning, but it makes for a truly fractured night of sleep. Also, its much harder to get around b/c being mommy to a 3 year old means that you have to be on your game and I'm just not. I waddle a good 6-10 feet behind my son, shouting for him to "wait for Mommy" and "slow down". Thank goodness Norrin listens and in some weird way understands that my movement is limited. He modifies games for me and picks up things that drop on the floor. He still has his moments, but in all honesty, he's been far more patient than anyone should expect from a child his age. As for the good parts, this baby is so active and I will always love the wild gymnastics in my tummy. Also, there's been plenty of talking and planning with Norrin. He loves to talk about when the baby comes and how he's going to help me figure out what the baby needs when Mommy is having a hard time understanding :). He likes to go over every single detail, which includes discussion of the umbilical cord (to quote him directly, "that's where the blood is"), how the baby is going to come out and what the baby will eat. I've never met a child more hungry for detail and I'm enjoying it...even the questions that aren't so easy to explain. He hugs and kisses my belly and calls the belly his sister and refers to it as her or she. I've gently tried to remind him that this baby could very well be a boy (please note the extensive amount of boys in the Milligan family compared to the one girl), but he's not having it. He's as sure this baby is a girl as he is that bees land on flowers b/c they're pretty. Gotta love his confidence. So, at this point, I'm trying to enjoy my pregnancy...after all, I've got 4-6 more weeks to go :).

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