Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Soccer Pictures

Last weekend the true photographer of the family was able to come to Nor's soccer game/practice/whatever you call it when you let 3 year olds run wild with balls and nets. Da was able to take some great photos and I don't really know how I manage this blog without his mad skills. They let the kids warm up, then run around "practicing", then they chose teams. Norrin is on the orange team. I don't know if he chose orange before he knew the cute twin girls were on the team or after, but he loves those little girls. They played Ring Around the Rosy the first time they met. Its very cute. He volunteers to go first for everything and he's loves running around. He didn't want to play at one point when the adults were trying to organize actual games, but really where's the fun in that? After we told him we couldn't leave until we were done cheering for his team, he eventually went back out and played. I don't care for any organization of this sport...I just want him to run and laugh with other kids his age. However, there's a lot of parents that are taking this very, very seriously. We'll just roll with it and as long as he's having fun, we'll keep going :).

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