Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Belly cast

Last weekend at 38 weeks pregnant, I had my belly cast made. I had one made when Norrin was in my belly, so it was something that had to be done when I became pregnant with this lil bean :). Here is Norrin's belly cast: This is the new one (believe it or not, Norrin's is still bigger, but this one hangs lower)...

Here's my fabulous friend and doula, Amy, holding it while it dries a little bit more.

And here is a picture Todd took of me a few days shy of 39 weeks pregnant.

I am officially 39 weeks pregnant as of yesterday, which means I have six days until my due date (but possibly 3 weeks before this baby decides to be born if he/she is anything like Norrin). I'm scaring everyone who sees me. I get the quickest service almost any place I go, my patients are asking me to please not go into labor during their cases and my co-workers have comments that range from "you're still here" to "whoa!". I don't know when this child will choose to greet the world, but I'm really, really hoping for a baby before Easter :).

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