Monday, April 4, 2011

Yes, Folks...We Went to the Aquarium Again

I wish I could blame my aquarium enthusiast son for the numerous trips to the aquarium, but his mama is just as much to blame. I want to do things that keep me on my feet and moving. If the weather was warmer, we'd be subjecting everyone to pictures of hikes and trips to the zoo. So, here's some pics from yet another trip to the aquarium where the weather is always consistent and if you get there when they open, you get almost full run of the place :).

Norrin just being the cutest little boy in the whole wide my opinion.

Jellyfish tube.
The octopus was putting on quite the show for us. Usually it hides in the top corner of the tank, but not today. He swam all over the place and Norrin was totally fascinated.

Norrin's picture of Mommy in a shark...I can't begin to tell you what an awkward fit this was at 39 weeks pregnant.
Mommy and Norrin acting scared.
Norrin just hanging out.
Petting stingrays.
And he ended his day with another grotesque choice in face painting- a sea witch.
We took him to dinner at a casual Italian place and he drew on the back of the paper placemats. At the top of his picture he wrote his name all by himself. Of course its backwards, his "N's" look a little like inchworms and his "R's" look like balls with two random spikes coming out of them, but nonetheless we're impressed. For a three year old, writing his entire first name is actually quite difficult, but Norrin has great fine motor skills and the idea is there.
And we'll end this post with two pictures that show just how crazy our little man was by this point in the evening. He was full of energy and needed to be reminded about using his inside voice a few times. But the restaurant was full and busy and he really was hardly heard over all the hustle and bustle.

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