Monday, August 8, 2011

A Day At The Beach

On Saturday, we went to the beach. Stone Harbor according to the adults, "Miniature Golf Beach" according to Norrin :). Norrin ate and ate and ate the entire car ride in anticipation of playing at the beach without the interruption of being hungry. Ani refused to take a long nap through the traffic, but at least she had Grandmom Jump to keep her entertained. The day was wonderful. Perfect temperatures on the beach and in the ocean, but a little too windy for the baby. We took turns holding her and keeping her above the worst of the blowing sand. She loved the ocean. It instantly calmed her, she laughed and gurgled and loved having her toes dipped. Norrin ran and played in the waves, getting braver as the day went on. He buried every toy he could find in the sand (lots of fun for Mommy when it was time to clean up). And at the end of the day, the whole family slept well...even if our beds were a little on the sandy side.

On the way...

Mommy is always a multi-tasker...reading and nursing.

Time for a little toe dipping...

Norrin sprinkled Ani's feet...she loved it.

Mommy and Ani Rose

Da and Ani Rose.

Happy baby girl.

Me and my love.

Love that crazy baby hair.

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