Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekends Are Exhausting

This was the first weekend in a while that Todd didn't have to work. Against my natural instincts, I made no plans whatsoever. I controlled my urge to book some major outing so we could be a lazy family together. There was very little cleaning load of dishes, one load of laundry and a lot of focus on being together. We watched movies, made art, read books and took naps. There was a trip to the pool, just father and son...which has improved their bond significantly. Ani has been working hard on rolling over. Every minute that she was awake, she preferred to be on the floor working on moving from her back to her tummy (she's only made it halfway so far, back to side). She also had big eyes for her boys. Da and Norrin were far more interesting than Mama and I was only given any kind of attention when her belly felt empty. Norrin is his usual nonstop self. He runs from one activity to another. Nothing makes him happier than being home with his family on the weekends. Thanks to a full work week, he was extra clingy to his mama...not that that's really any different when I don't have a full work week :). Norrin was thrilled to have someone who could "take the baby", so we could snuggle. And even when I had Ani in my arms, he stayed close to my side and those were my favorite moments...snuggled up with both my babies.

Yes, Norrin was so exhausted after the pool that he fell asleep with his hand in a bag of Craisins.

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