Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy weekend


It was bring a toy or picture of a farm animal to school.  Ani Rose has been smitten with this particular cow for awhile now.
 I picked the kids up early and we went to the aquarium...yes, again.


Playing in the bathroom sink seems to be one of the many chaotic and messy activities these two like to participate in.  It does my heart good to see them play...even when there's a mess to clean up afterwards.


Ani Rose woke up and wanted her cow in her arms right away.
We went to a neighbor's 6th birthday.  It was at a community center and it was scheduled for 4 hours, which seemed like a lot, but there was a game room, a movie theater and we had the whole gym to play in.  Ani liked sitting in the movie theater and eating popcorn.
 Norrin sat in the front, ate three bags of popcorn and kept peeking at us...just to make sure we hadn't left without him.
 Ani didn't make it very far into the movie before she was snoozing in my arms.
 Norrin played some pool.

 And he played some video games.
 He payed absolutely no attention to the bossy kid trying to arrange them into actual hockey teams.
 When the bossy kid finally gave up, Norrin was able to play however he wanted.
 The fan was one of the most entertaining things to my child.
 He sang happy birthday to Elysia.
 Ani Rose watched sleepily.
 While they were handing out cupcakes, Norrin did some bowling.
 Then, he loaded up on some of the most sickeningly sweet cupcakes I've ever tasted.
 Ani sampled the frosting and took a tiny nibble of the cake...
 But what she really wanted was a ring pop.

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