Friday, September 28, 2012

September 2012

Well, September just flew by.  Norrin, who is very concerned about when his birthday will be getting here, keeps informing me that October 1st is Monday.  So, I went through the photos we've taken this month and here's our month in a little nutshell.

There's been a whole lot of bed heads around here.
 Some fishing with Da.
 Proud fisherman's face...even though he didn't catch anything.
 There's been paintings...
 By Norrin...
 And by Ani Rose.
 There's been a lot of pancakes consumed.
 Mostly at Norrin's request.
 There's been time on the playground...
 In the rain...
 But that doesn't stop them.
 There's been serious naps with a new sock monkey friend.
 There's been one serious injury.  Norrin has been such a trooper through it all.  He was strong when he got his four stitches.  He lets me clean the injury and put on new bandages every day.  And when asked if he needs help at school, he says no and still does it himself. 
 Meals at this little table.
 And a bit of chocolate icing to taste test.
Our September was very full.  Ani Rose is working overtime on learning her words.  Her frustration level is at a serious high right now.  Of course, its completely our fault that we don't understand and we better get it together.  She also wants to do everything herself.  She wants control over teeth brushing, getting dressed, eating...everything.  As for Norrin, his skills with a paintbrush are at a level that is impressing everyone.  He also insisted that we decorate for Halloween last weekend.  I think that was an attempt to get October here faster.  His injury (he caught his finger in a closet door at a friend's house) was a minor bump in the road.  He can't participate in swim class until the stitches come out (next Friday), but other than that, he still does everything independently, including using scissors like a pro.  I'm very proud of his strength.  He has a bandage and splint on his right pointer finger, but it really is like nothing is different.  He doesn't complain of pain, he goes about getting dressed and using the potty all by himself and he's still just as wild as ever :).  Yes, this little family is keeping busy and we're about to enter our busiest month yet.  Norrin is pretty convinced October is a month long celebration.  I have costumes to make (a vampire for Norrin and an owl for Ani Rose), a birthday to plan and a present to buy, pumpkins and apples to pick, a trip to NY and last, but not least, Halloween to celebrate.  Thanks to her brother, Ani Rose is very aware of what candy is and she will go nuts when she realizes there's a whole day dedicated to it.  So, wish us luck and expect the fall madness to be documented...eventually :).

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