Saturday, September 8, 2012

NJ Sheep and Wool Festival 2012

Just one picture.  I took the kids by myself and was very busy pulling them through the four barns of animals, yarn and other fiber goodness while they sat in their two person wagon and drank fresh squeezed lemonade. This was the one place they insisted on stopping FOUR times!  They poked, petted and squealed at these adorable little fluff balls.  Everything they did was announced loudly.  "Mommy!  That one just hopped!" and "Mommy! That one is drinking up all the water!" and "Mommy! That one nibbled my finger!".  Ani Rose squealed, screamed and squeaked at every one of them.  She was pretty terrifying :).  As for the moments I could steal them away from this area, they were the hit of the fiber festival.  Every adult was very envious of their comfy ride and the endless supply of snacks I brought with me.  Norrin talked to someone who was spinning yarn on a spinning wheel and someone who was weaving yarn on a large loom.  He told everyone that he was going to learn to knit when he was five years old.  When he was asked how old he was now, he replied "Four and three quarters!".  It was a good morning.     

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