Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve

Todd made the big mistake of playing football the morning of the night before the night before Christmas...or December 23rd, if you prefer.  Since we had some time to kill before Da would get back, Norrin had some brilliant ideas.

First, he needed to decorate just a bit more.  We're running low on construction paper, so he had to make do with what we had...hence the red, white and blue chains.  Well, we'll be ready come 4th of July.

 Then, he insisted I needed to make a Rudolph hat.
 My photographer instructed me to make my best angry face...
 Then, he wanted me to make my best surprised face...
 And then he asked for a confused face...this is the best I could give him.
 I was not the only one with some fancy head gear.  Norrin had his own Elf hat that he made at school.
 Anybody have any questions about where he gets his zany personality from?
 Didn't think so.

And to make this day truly perfect, we visited our dear friends, the Borrellis before they make the big move to Wyoming.  This flopped over, asleep in his car seat picture is the direct result of four hours of playing with Henry.  We're going to miss that unruly crew :).

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