Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Very Full Days

We still have plenty of outings to keep us busy, but as the weather stays relatively cold, we really like staying warm indoors.  Sometimes a very pink hat is required.
 Hanging out in our pajamas is also very comfy, cozy and awfully cute at times :).
 Ani Rose love, love, loves her bath...unlike her brother.  She happily posed for her Da.
 Lots of smiles while lying on her tummy.
 Lots of smiles while lying on her back.
 She loves to pose for the camera.
 Occasionally, she uses the bath for getting clean :).
 And she gets super sad when bath time is over.
 Norrin and Ani like to hide in the little nooks of their school building.
 They try to coax Da into their little games.
 But it doesn't really matter if its just the two of them.
 Norrin's go-to face for almost all pictures...little punk.
 And our smiley girl.
 Norrin's knight costume...I made the mistake of asking him if he was a ninja, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the first to get this look a bit confused.
 Drawing is still a part of our day.
 I love the intensity of our little artist.  I'm sure its the exact same faces we made as kids.

 Ani Rose joins in, too.  Although she'd rather paint...the paper and herself.
 Another Angry Bird picture.  That's our boy.

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