Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Norrin started looking for all the eggs the Easter Bunny hid as soon as he woke up, at the not-so-ungodly hour of 7 am.  He made a brief stop at the dining room table to inspect his Easter basket and he was back on the hunt.
 That silly bunny thought it would be cute to hide one in Timmy's tank. That bunny obviously had no idea how germ crazy I am about that tortoise. 
 Ani Rose slept/nursed while Norrin found all the eggs.
 Eventually she woke up enough to inspect her own basket.
Ani Rose and her Peeps Pop...
 which she tried to dismantle after she tasted it and decided plain marshmallows are better.
 Other things, like M&M's and jellybeans went over much better with our girl.
 And she was able to do some hunting at Grandmom Meatball's house.
 There was also some tree climbing with her mama's help.
 Her favorite partner in crime.  Yelling at the photographer...
 Booing at the photographer...
 And eventually giving the photographer a good old-fashioned "Cheese!".
 There was also a very short walk down a couple of houses, in which Norrin ran away...
 And then Ani ran away.
 And the day was finished with one last tree climb before the rain started coming down.
The kids loved Easter.  They spent it eating candy all.  day.  long.  What kid wouldn't love that? 

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