Monday, July 1, 2013

Vacation 6/18/2013

There were some days that didn't start off very sunny, but even this ominous looking cloud brought an hour of rain and then it was a perfect sunny day again.
 Ani Rose used that time to take a much needed nap on her Da.
 After that Norrin and Da had a special date together-just the two of them.  There was ice cream.
 And bike riding.
 And hours and hours of miniature golf.  I kid you not- they spent three hours playing the same course over and over again.  It was pay once and play all day, so they definitely got their money worth.
 Norrin took this awesome picture of Da.
 Ani Rose was happy when they came back though...

So, we could all go to the beach.  Norrin didn't feel like walking and Ani preferred riding in her stroller.  My awesome Ergo carrier holds a child up to 65 pounds.  I am Mommy, hear me roar.
 Run to Mama, Ani Rose.
 We went at around 7 pm, I think.  This was a great time to go.  The beach was practically empty.  It was still hot and the water felt great. 
 As soon as Ani was thoroughly soaked, she was ready to leave.
 Our handsome photographer, sporting the OBX gear.
 Norrin and Da stayed until the sun was just about set.
 It was a busy, beautiful day.
I also think this might have been the first night Norrin asked to go to bed.  We had a few nights where Norrin would tell us he was tired and wanted to go to sleep.  Todd and I couldn't believe it.  We thought the devil himself wouldn't ever be able to get Norrin to admit when he's tired. 

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