Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vacation 6/19/2013

On this day, I took the kids to the Children At Play Museum.  This is a cute little house that they decorated the whole first floor in every toy imaginable.  They have a pretend boat that you can fish off the back of, a dress up and stage area, one room designated to ride on toys, a dollhouse, a tool bench, a kitchen, a doctor's office, a grocery store, an art area, a train table, a reading nook and a little corner of just baby toys.  The kids LOVED it.  They especially enjoyed the dress up area.  Ani would get up on the stage and take a bow before she did anything.  Norrin put on full plays with many costume changes. Ani also loved the table with the tea set in the kitchen area.  We had tea at least five times.   

 Firefighter Ani Rose.
 One of Norrin's very elaborate plays.
 We were all very amused by the horse costume.
 Ani in the kitchen area.
 Norrin at work at the tool bench.
 Then, we met up with Da and went to play miniature golf.  This was Ani's first time going.  I love the look on her face here.  We had to take a train ride up to the first hole and I'm not sure she trusted us that we were taking her someplace fun.
 She tried a few shots with her little plastic club...kitty in arms...
 Then, handed the club to me and stole my metal one.
 She loved the metal club.  She walked up to the hole, placed the ball right in front of it and shot it into the hole like she was playing pool.  Then, she'd scream "Hooo-ray!" and take a couple of bows while we cheered. 
 If it wasn't bad enough that I was trying to make the little plastic club work...
 Ani Rose would stand right in the way of my shot and steal my ball.
 Here she goes again...
 Time for a crazy group picture.  Yup, that just about sums our personalities up.
 Finally got my club back and here's Ani Rose to stand directly in front of my shot...again.
 That night we let the kids play with Todd's iPad.  I love it when they get along and play nice.

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