Monday, September 9, 2013

More Outer Banks Adventures Day Two

This day was our only rainy, overcast, yucky day of vacation. So, of course, Norrin wanted to go fishing. Actually, he wanted to go crabbing, but we're slightly more clueless about crabbing than we are about fishing. We drove to the really long pier in Rodanthe. This is supposedly a tourist attraction because it was used excessively in the movie, Nights in Rodanthe. They actually charged us to walk on the pier. Only a few dollars, but still... Ani and I walked the pier then got in the car to go shopping. Norrin and Da had a blast together until Norrin got a splinter and then I was called back to handle the situation. The kids spent most of the late afternoon playing in the house and as the sun set, the frogs crept out of their corners and decorated our little house.
That's our boy.

A simple, beautiful hard to come by these days.

Ani Rose was not as adventurous about this pier.  She stuck close to me and didn't want to pose for any pictures.

Our little fisherman.

They caught crabs, which would let go of the line before they had a chance to get even halfway up.  Not that Norrin or Da had a net or a container to put them in.  According to Norrin, we could have been feasting on 6 or 7 crabs if they had the right equipment.

I think Norrin likes fishing.

I bought art supplies at the local dollar store, but who needs art supplies when you could spend every day twisting up in curtains until your mother is sure you're going to pull the rod down on your heads.  I'm happy to report the curtains and the curtain rods survived these two, wild little children.

The frogs...this is just as they're starting to come out...picture about 100 more.

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