Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Interrupt The Slow, Almost Non Existent Progress of Summer Vacation Photos...

To bring you, Norrin's FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN! It was a very emotional day for Todd and I. This little man of ours is growing up so fast, its making our heads spin. He made lots of new friends, but can't remember their names yet. That didn't stop him from inviting them over to his house to play "anytime they want to". He got to eat lunch in a cafeteria and the art teacher came by to introduce himself. He also made a book with a wonderful poem about our love giving him the courage to have a fun day in a new place. And that is all the information he was willing to divulge. He got to choose dinner and dessert last night. He chose Corn and Cheese Chowder for dinner and Red Velvet cake for dessert. Of course, he tried to claim it was backwards day so he could eat dessert first, but I made it clear that backwards days never fall on a Monday. Today will be his first day in the after school care program. It sounds like they'll keep him busy with art projects or games, so hopefully, the time will fly and he'll barely notice being picked up three hours later :).

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