Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

So, we were actually awake at midnight...thanks to Norrin's odd nap time of 5pm- 8pm. All parents have told us that when they don't take an early nap, you need to try everything in your bag of tricks to keep them awake...yeah, well, our kid doesn't care. I've even gone so far as to tickle Norrin and he is able to ignore it completely, close his eyes and sleep. He's so zen...when he wants to be :). So, we all said "Happy New Year!", smothered each other in kisses, watched the neighborhood kids run wild with their pots and pans and saw some very nice fireworks from our bedroom window. Norrin is very color oriented right now so the fireworks were very exciting- "Ohh, green one, Ma....Ohh, red one....Oh, white, white one!!!". We spent our New Year's Day, at Rita and Joseph's. Norrin knows the route and he announces where we're going once we get to the main corner of Frankford and Grant. Rita made a delicious dinner and Norrin ate none of it :). Instead, he requested applesauce and yogurt. Another odd nap time and we were up to 11pm that night. Norrin is at a really interesting age. He is very, VERY assertive. I love that he can tell me when he has an ouch and how it happened. I love that he tells me what he wants for dinner (although fruit snacks are not an option, even though Norrin begs to disagree quite loudly). Unfortunately, if he's not buying what you're selling, its an all out war. And as the adult, I know I'm supposed to choose my battles, but there are some power struggles that are completely unavoidable. The car seat is a constant issue. Lord only knows if Norrin will get into his seat without a fight. Anyway, its fun and frustrating and amazing all at the same time. My lil boy is growing up so quickly. The pictures below were all taken on New Year's Day. Just thought we should document how we looked the first day of 2010.

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