Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve

Waking up to snow. Is there anything better? Well, maybe waking up to snow on a non-holiday and finding out school is cancelled...those were always exciting mornings :). I had to work 10 hours on New Year's Eve, so Norrin hung out with Da. They played in the snow...before the rain showed up and washed most of it away. They also got together with Uncle Joey and his cousins, Quinn, Shea and Cole. He had a blast at Nifty Fifty's with them. Norrin absolutely LOVES all his cousins. Nobody can make him laugh harder...or nap harder for that matter.

Our backyard.


Snowball making is serious business.

The last evidence of fall...a snow-covered fairytale pumpkin.

And I rung in the New Year with a little yarn goodness. Some Cascade and some Woolen Rabbit. Happy New Year!

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