Monday, January 25, 2010

Many Adventures

So, our trip to NY was a success and there were many, many pictures taken. Here is just a taste of what we did with our four day weekend...

The candy crane game at one of the rest stops...its amazing we made it to NY at all.

Norrin woke up to turkeys outside the window.

My dad's house and the house I grew up in :).

Breakfast on Jay Street...

with Pop Pop Fish and Uncle.

Snuggling with Grandmom Jump and one of her kitty cats by the wood stove.

Jumping with Uncle on the outdoor trampoline and the reason Norrin calls my mom "Grandmom Jump".

Posing with Da in front of the giant woodpile...

and posing with Uncle, too :).

And one more picture with Pop Pop Lollipop before their walk.

Now for the of many outdoor moments.

Lots of rock collecting while he walked.

Walking with Da.

Walking with Uncle.

"Helping" in the kitchen. Chocolate cake....mmmmmmm.

Sledding with Ma...

Grandmom and Pop Pop going down the hill....

Now its Brian and Colleen's turn...

And last, but not least- sledding with DA!

At Friendly's with Pop Pop Fish and Uncle.

Uncle and Pop Pop Lollipop starting the bonfire in the snow.

Ma, Norrin and Uncle toasting marshmallows in the snow.

Norrin's done now...time to go inside where its warm.

How most nights were spent- drawing and knitting in front of the wood stove.

Some snow-covered scenes before we left to come back to Philly.

A quiet walk with my hubby.

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