Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Norrin's Christmas Vest

Everyone overslept this morning. Perhaps it was because we needed to make cards and decorate a shoebox for Norrin's Christmas party. Maybe it was because Norrin really, really wanted to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas...again. Some might say it was because we had to build a pillow house in the middle of our king-sized bed before teeth could be brushed or stories be read. I think we all just decided to embrace the shortest day of the year and caught up on some much needed rest before the holiday madness truly begins. However, it set off a chain of crazy events this morning that resulted in an oreo cookie for breakfast, how quickly can we get a three year old in his "nice clothes", where are your stinkin' shoes, Norrin and a second trip to the Y after I forgot Norrin's sippy cup and swim clothes. In all this chaos, I did manage to snap some pictures of my "little angel" in the vest I finished last night. The vest was actually done on Monday, but then Norrin wanted a Christmas tree on it, so that just had to be done. As he posed away, I got a glimpse of the wacky teenager this child is going to be. He loves to laugh and make other people laugh. His best friend at school is Owen and when you ask him why, he says because he laughs at everything. Nothing wrong with that.

At 11:30, I'm going back to the Y to see Norrin and his classmates do some caroling in the gym. Even when he doesn't know all the words, he sings loud. It should be very entertaining.

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