Friday, December 24, 2010

A Sweet Christmas Eve

While Norrin still has a case of the sniffles and Da was starting to feel pretty yucky, I was in heaven. I spent most of my day in our kitchen. The day started with eggs, cheese and faux sausage. Then, there was quinoa stew, anadama bread, a chocolate layered pie, tortellini in a creamy pesto sauce and cookies for Santa. I went through almost every bowl, pot and pan at least once and it was all very much worth it to smell all the delicious foods as they were made. Despite the many things coming out of my kitchen, it was the sugary moments I needed to document :). So, here's all the sweetest moments of our day.

Norrin "tasting" the pie filling...
A lot of tasting...

As the cookies were made and finally cooled, Norrin needed to decorate just one for yet another taste test.

Once the official taste test was over, we all sat down to decorate our cookies.

There was a little bit of icing sampling, of course.

Mommy's cookies...

Da's cookies...

Norrin's cookies...which kind of look like someone stabbed them...repeatedly.

Despite how yucky Da was feeling, he was bullied into a game of froggy.

And after Norrin had looked out the window at least ten times to see if the sun had gone away, we were able to open our Christmas Eve gifts.

Now that both my guys are snug in their beds, its time for Santa to work his magic. And maybe an hour of quiet knitting :). Happy Christmas Eve.

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