Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Franklin Institute of Science

On Sunday, we took the kids to the Franklin Institute of Science. We were looking for something different to do and we love places where Norrin can use up some of that 3 year old energy. The science part was well over his head (most of it's over my head, too), but every exhibit felt like a video game and he really just wanted to know how to play it :). You know he had a good time when he has a meltdown about leaving. He's so tired that he's starting to stumble around like he's had a few too many, but its just too much fun to leave behind. He was asleep about 5 minutes into our car ride home :).

First stop- everything you could ever want to know about airplanes and then some.

Then, on to the magic of electricity.

Norrin went through the Giant Heart, but not without Da holding him close.

He had no trouble climbing through the giant blood vessels without a parent.

Then, Norrin and I peddled some bikes to make our opera singers appear on a screen and tell us all about the importance of exercise. With every turn of the hand peddles, Norrin threatened to fall off the stool he was standing on. Thank goodness Da was close by.

And as for Miss Ani Rose, she was content to nurse in the not so private areas where seating was available, ride in her stroller and fall asleep in Mama's arms.

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